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Sexiest Movies on Amazon Prime

Are you looking for the Sexiest Movies that you want to watch with your partner? Watching romantic movies with a pinch of erotica is very flavorful on a movie night. Amazon Prime has a variety of films, and some of them are perfect for you and your significant half.

Here are ten movies that are super hot to watch at night while you hold your partner’s hand.



IMDB Rating – 6.2

Two best friends, Lil and Roz, adore each other’s son. The affection takes both these moms to get into an affair with each other’s son. Things start to get messy when their sons desire a partner of their age.

Sexiest Movies

Do you like a story that portrays a taboo? This movie has incredible cinematography with some great scenery. Get ready for a taboo and sexy movie that you won’t want to miss.

Original Sin

IMDB Rating – 6.1

Starring Angelina Jolie, this movie shows a woman and her lover who tries to scam a rich businessman to get all of his money. Things start to crumble when she starts to fall in love with the target.

Sexiest Movies on Amazon Prime 1

Many people just want to watch Angelina Jolie in a sexy film. That is what you get in this movie. Watch Original Sin only on Amazon Prime with your partner in crime.

The Only Living Boy in New York

IMDB Rating – 6.4

Thomas Webb, who is upon his graduation, is moving to a new apartment. He meets a neighbor who is an alcoholic but shares a lot of wisdom with Thomas.

Thomas feels heartbreak when he finds out his father is fooling around with a seductive and beautiful woman. In an attempt to break their relationship, Thomas ends up sleeping with the same woman. This creates a domino effect and affects Thomas himself and his family.

Sexiest Movies on Amazon Prime 2

This is a fantasy-type story where a young guy hooks up with an old woman. A great movie to watch with well-performed roles. This is a seductive, emotional, and heartwarming film.

Two Night Stand

IMDB Rating – 6.4

Alec and Megan hook up through an online application. They both assume this is a one-night stand. But a snowstorm changes plans for everyone. They both get stuck in an NYC apartment.

Sexiest Movies on Amazon Prime 3

A perfectly fitting film about a recent pandemic where we all were stuck. Just thinking about getting stuck with someone who we love is a dream.

Here, the fights, brooding, and frustration of both Alec and Megan turn into having a really good time.

The Escort

IMDB Rating – 6

Mitch Cooper, a journalist who is sex addicted. He falls into the world of escorts when he decides to make a story on a prostitute from Stanford named Natalie.

Sexiest Movies on Amazon Prime 4

You can guess what happens next. Both lead actors have done a phenomenal job. The story flows smoothly and gives you some heartwarming moments.

Sex and Breakfast

IMDB Rating – 4.8

Pair of young couples use anonymous sex in the hope to fix their messed up relationship. What they must learn is that there are many other things that fix relations.

Sexiest Movies on Amazon Prime 5

A ground-level story that shows usual problems faced by young couples. Having a good physical relationship is not enough when you are looking to have something special. Miles Bradman, the director, has done a good job. With a good cast, you will love to watch this film with your lover.

Long Nights Short Mornings

IMDB Rating – 5.4

James, a guy with no life direction ends up roaming New York City.

On his unplanned journey, he encounters a bunch of women with who he makes physical relations. His search for intimacy is enough for anyone who wants to watch an erotic film.

Sexiest Movies on Amazon Prime 6

A wonderful film filled with intimate scenes with a great cast. The story moves forward at a good pace. This is a very intense movie that you can watch with your lover before bed. Get some warm blankets and snacks to enjoy.

The Lover

IMDB Rating – 6.9

The story revolves around a young teenage French girl. She falls in love with a Chinese gentleman, who is much older than her. Even after knowing what they are falling into, the lovers decide to face the outcomes and proceed with their intimate journey anyway.

Sexiest Movies on Amazon Prime 7

A taboo story that might be a fantasy for many of us. The movie portrays both the characters well and builds up the story gradually. The sexual scenes were so intense that many rumors suggested both actors have had a physical relationship on the set. The chemistry is the main highlight of the film. It is worth watching a sexy movie on Amazon Prime.

Fifty Shades of Gray

IMDB Rating – 4.1

Anastasia, a journalist, interviews a businessman named Christian Gray. They slowly start a relationship that goes further and further. Anastasia notices the sexual life Christian has is based on his tormented past life.

Sexiest Movies on Amazon Prime 8

You might have heard about this film. One of the most popular movies in this genre. Fifty Shades of Gray is well rated by the audience. With a handful of intimate scenes, you also get a meaningful full story. The movie has mild nudity, which fits perfectly with the story.

Cruel Intentions

IMDB Rating – 6.8

A girl named Kathryn challenges her stepbrother to sleep with a girl named Annette, who is the daughter of the headmaster. Sabastian, the stepbrother of Kathryn, falls in love with Annette while trying to sleep with her.

Sexiest Movies on Amazon Prime 9

This movie clearly shows the usual behavior of young American teens. The characters have depth, and actors have done justice to them. A good movie to watch that will teach a lesson to many youngsters.


Are there any R-rated movies on Amazon Prime?

Yes, there are adult movies on Amazon Prime, and all of the films mentioned above are rated R for adults.

Does amazon prime have parental controls?

Yes, Amazon Prime provides a feature where you can restrict the content quality according to your desire.


Watching romantic movies with your loved one adds a little spice to your life. Having a great time while making good use of your Amazon Prime subscription is the real aim.

Make sure you are comfortable with these movies before you watch them.

If you don’t find your desired movie here, then just keep surfing the Amazon Prime movie list until you find one.

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