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Prime Day Returns and Refunds | Know the Policies Before You Order

Do you have anAmazon Prime Account, and you’d like to learn more about Prime Day returns and refunds policies before purchasing products on Prime Day? 

Do you want to sign up for an Amazon Prime Account so you can take advantage of deals on select Prime Day products, but you’d first like to familiarize yourself with Amazon Prime Day’s returns and refunds process?

If yes, we’re happy to give you insights on essential aspects of Amazon refunds and returns policies. 

The annual Amazon Prime Day will take place in the second quarter of 2021.

Even as you prepare yourself for the day, it’s important to understand Amazon’s return policy, as well as the returns and refunds policies of the different sellers on the site. 

Arming yourself with that knowledge can save you time and money, particularly if you change your mind about your purchases because you’ll know what items you can return, and not return. 

Return policies let you know the circumstances that warrant a replacement, an exchange, or a full refund.

In short, you’ll be able to shop Prime Day eligible items and return unwanted items stress-free.

Pro Tip: Avoid counterfeit purchases to reduce the back and forth shipping incidents.

We’ll recap for you Amazon Prime Day return policies, including return window period so you can make informed purchasing decisions. 

Contents Return Policy

Items purchased on, Amazon physical stores, or via Alexa are eligible for return within 30 days of receipt. 

If a Prime Day purchase doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it via the returns center within 30 days of receipt. 

In some instances, you may be required to pay return shipping and a restocking fee.

Check out the product detail page, or contact customer service if you’re not sure about the return window period. 

Ensure you have proof of purchase, the user manual, warranty, accessories, and original packaging. 

Return, Replace, or Exchange Items

You can return products to the fulfillment center. You’ll receive feedback via e-mail when the refund is processed.  

In addition, you can replace or exchange dented,scratched or broken items within 30 days of purchase, but you’re not entitled to a replacement or refund if you’re at fault. 

You can make exchanges for the wrong color or size. If items purchased don’t have an exchange option, you can return them, and place a different order.  

Differences in price shall be considered. 

Pro Tip: Amazon does not accept returns for items from third-party sellers. 

Returning Items on Amazon

An undesirable product can be returned via the returns center. When you log into your Prime account, you’ll have access to various return options. 

Return options are determined by the item you want to return, the seller, as well as the reason you’re returning the item. 

Under your most recent orders, go to the return and replace option, and select the item you’ve returned, and state the reason.

If the item was shipped to you accidentally, Amazon will offer you free return shipping, but if it was your mistake, you’ll pay the return shipping.  

You’ll be provided with a return label for your proposed return option, which can be either a replacement or refund.

Please note that all purchases due for a refund or replacement have a unique shipping label. With that in mind, avoid returning your purchases in one package, or one shipment. Otherwise, you’ll not receive a full refund. 

After completing the above steps, a QR code will be sent to you. Use the QR code to facilitate your return shipment to various delivery locations, including UPS, Amazon physical stores, or Amazon hub locker.

Replace Missing or Broken Parts for Free

If your product is damaged or defective you are eligible for a free replacement or repair.

You’ll not be required to pay return shipping when you return electronics, furniture, or any other item that arrives with broken, faulty, or missing parts. 

If your smartphone, television, laptop, or any other device does not work as advertised on the product detail page, or is broken, you can return for an exchange.  

In addition, you can replace an item with an inaccurate product description, or an item that is shipped to you by mistake. will offer a refund if they’re liable for your damaged shipment. 

Amazon Prime Free Returns accepts free returns for certain clothes, jewelry, shoes, as well as watches.  The product detail page must clearly state that such items are eligible for free returns.

That said, you can return your unwanted set of jewelry within the return window, and get a full refund.  

You’ll not only receive a prepaid return label, but the site will also cater for the shipping charges.

However, you can only refund, replace or exchange an item that is new, unworn, and non-faulty. 

Worn, damaged or defective products, will not be accepted. 

Alexa non-digital purchases are eligible for free returns. In addition, you’re eligible for a refund within 7 days for digital items purchased accidentally via Alexa. 

E-readers can return an eligible kindle book that fails to load or play within 7 days of purchase. Counter-check whether your items are eligible for free returns before ordering.

Items Not Eligible for Return

You cannot return any digital purchases from Amazon’s appstore,  digital music store, video store, or Luna store. That said, items not eligible for return include:

  • Online subscriptions
  • Downloadable digital music from Amazon digital music store
  • Unsealed or activated video games, or video games with missing parts
  • Gift cards
  • Houseplants 
  • Health and beauty purchases
  • Worn jewelry, clothes and shoes
  • Prepaid game cards, 
  • Laptops and Kindles not returned within 30 days of receipt
  • Unboxed mattresses 
  • Pet food 
  • Events tickets 
  • Faulty fine art 
  • Hazardous materials

Returns Support has a returns support center where you can get first hand information on returning, replacing, or exchanging your items. 

The returns center allows you to print prepaid shipping labels, and have a stress free shipping experience. 

You’ll get access to the gift returns page where you can initiate the process of returning an unwanted gift.

Utilize the Amazon Seller Return Policy

Before you purchase a product from third-party sellers, check out their returns policy. 

This is important because items purchased from a third-party seller can only be returned to that particular seller, and not to

If you’re bought a gift from a third-party seller, for instance, you need to liaise with the seller for return information. 

However, sellers with products that meet Amazon Prime products requirements are governed by Amazon’s return policy. 

Mistaken Returns

If you return a different product from what you ordered on Amazon, get in touch with Amazon’s support team ASAP, and ask them to sort you out before they dispose of your item. 

Since Amazon cannot offer you free return shipping, you need to send them a prepaid return shipping label.

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Amazon’s Return Policy for Gifts

If you receive a gift product that you don’t like, it’s possible to return it secretly. Just log into your account, and type in the 17-digit order number for that gift item. 

The order number is available on the packing slip, or in the email containing the gift receipt.

Specify the gift you want to return, the reason, and your preferred return shipping option. You’ll receive an authorization label.  

Stick it on the gift box, and return it with its tags and original packaging intact. 

You’ll receive an Amazon gift card refund within 2 to 4 hours, or one business day.

Quick Solutions

Advice for Prime Day Shopping

Prime Day shopping events have hot deals, but you’ll get banned if you constantly return items. Therefore, avoid buying counterfeit items.

Advice for Prime Day shopping

Can You Return Items Bought on Prime Day?

If you don’t like what you purchase, you can return it for a refund, replacement, or exchange. 

However, the process of returning products from third-party sellers can be hectic with long waiting times. In addition, Amazon does not accept returns from third-party listings.

Making Amazon Returns at Kohl’s

Kohl’s has been Amazon’s certified partner since 2017. Dropping items to any Kohl’s location is fast. You’ll get a refund within 7 days. 

Enclose the return label,  or original packing slip. You’ll be responsible for return shipping charges.

Kohls homepage

Make the Most of Non-Returnable Amazon Purchases

In instances where purchases are not-returnable, or the return window closes, you can:

  • Give the items to your friends, family, or colleagues
  • Donate to a qualified charity organization to receive tax deductions
  • Swap unwanted gift cards on GiftCards website

What Items Are Eligible for a FREE Returns Option?

Products eligible for free returns include unopened or non-faulty items fulfilled by Amazon. 

They can include electronics and household appliances purchased within 30 days, and weighing less than 50 pounds.

Returning an Item Within 30 Days for the “Prime Day” Discount

You can return an expensive item, and get the discounted product. 

However, both products need to be available on Amazon’s listing, and not from a third-party seller. 

Returning an item within 30 days for the "Prime Day" discount

Double Check Prime Day Orders

Manufacturers provide “sell by,” “best before,” or “expired by,” dates. Be keen to avoid receiving out-of-date-products. However, expired products are eligible for a full refund.

When Can I Receive My Refund?

It can take upto 25 days for your product to arrive at your specified Amazon location.  

However, you’ll be refunded within 7 days after Amazon receives your shipment. 

Partial Refunds or Restocking Fees

If you live in West Virginia, Connecticut, Maryland, Nevada, Pennsylvania, or Virginia, you’re eligible for tax on restocking fee as below:

Partial Refunds or Restocking Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amazon strict about returns?

Amazon has limits. Customers who abuse the terms and conditions risk having their accounts deactivated without notice. 

You risk losing your gift card balance or vouchers when your account is blocked.  

Can I return an opened item to

No. The item should be sent back unused,  sealed, and in its original box within 30 days of delivery.

Any way to get an instant refund?

Absolutely. Contact Amazon’s customer service as soon as they collect your item. 

Would Amazon refund me the difference?

Yes, you can order the discounted item, but the difference will be credited to your account within 7 days. 

Is Amazon still banning customers for excessive returns?

Yes. Your account will be flagged or deactivated for consistently abusing the returns policy.

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