Lilo And Stitch Movies

Lilo And Stitch Movies In Order

The movie series takes us through various adventures of a mischievous duo. There is a cute Hawaiian girl who adopts a creature that was originally named, experiment 626. Later, she named the creature the name Stitch. And off we go on the adventures of Lilo and Stitch movies.

Lilo and Stitch have four movies in total, with three series, one feature film, and a short film.


Lilo And Stitch Movies In Order

Lilo And Stitch movies in chronological order are –

  1. Lilo And Stitch (2002)
  2. Stitch! The Movie (2003)
  3. Lilo And Stitch 2 – Stitch Has a Glitch (2005)
  4. Leroy And Stitch (2006)

Lilo And Stitch (2002)

MPAA Rating (Age Rating) – PG13

IMDB Rating – 7.3

Lilo And Stitch Movies In Order 1

The first-ever movie of Lilo and Stitch was released in 2002. The plot shows a weird scientist named Dr. Jumba Jookiba, who creates an unknown creature that he named “Experiment 626.”

But the creature escapes and ends up on our planet Earth. After coming to Earth, he starts to impersonate a dog to blend in. Lilo, a cute girl, decides to adopt 626. She names him Stitch, and they both create an unbreakable bond. Hence, both of them start memorable journeys together.

Stitch! The Movie (2003)

MPAA Rating – PG13

IMDB Rating – 6.1

Lilo And Stitch Movies

The sequel takes place after some years. Dr. Jookiba’s experiment creature made friends with Lilo, and now even the Doctor lives with them.

All of their lives change and shatter when Captain Gantu arrives and kidnaps Jookiba. Captain Gantu’s plan is to find other 625 experiments of Jookiba.

Now Lilo and Stitch set on a journey to save Jookiba and stop Captain Gantu.

With great voice acting and animation, watching this movie will be worth watching.

Lilo and Stitch 2 – Stitch Has a Glitch (2005)

MPAA Rating – PG13

IMDB Rating – 6.2

Lilo And Stitch Movies In Order 2

Lilo and Glitch participate in a hula competition with their classmates. The winner will get to perform at the local May Day festival. So, the duo gets busy planning an original dance to win the competition.

But something starts to happen to Stitch, which makes their win a little bit difficult.

A good continuation of the series, where we can see how the duo struggles and tries to overcome their problems to win together.

Leroy And Stitch (2006)

MPAA Rating – PG13

IMDB Rating – 6.1

Lilo And Stitch Movies In Order 3

Lilo and Stitch, the friendly duo, are now being forced to get on separate ways. On the other hand, to ruin everyone’s life, Dr. Hamsterviel runs out of prison and makes Jumba create a new creature which will be Stitch’s clone. They name this clone Leroy, who is pure evil.

You can experience the chaos and mischievousness created by the clone of Stitch

If you don’t feel satisfied with watching these films and want more of Lilo and Stitch, you can watch their animated series, which are available on Amazon Prime.

Watch these movies with your kids and family to relive the old days and enjoy nostalgic feelings.

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