Jumanji Movies

Jumanji Movies in Order

Jumanji movies have been a great part of our childhood. The series started by getting inspired by a children’s book based on a story called the Jumanji.

All Jumanji movies are great to watch with family, which has epic adventure, action, comedy, and storytelling.

There are four movies in the Jumanji series.


Jumanji Movies in Order

The Jumanji movies in chronological order are –

1. Jumanji (1995)

2. Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005)

3. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

4. Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)

Jumanji (1995)

CBFC Age Rating – U/A

IMDB Rating – 7

Jumanji Movies in Order 1

The first film in the series focuses on a supernatural board game that can generate challenges based on a jungle story onto its players.

A young boy named Alan Parrish finds this board game called Jumanji. Not knowing the power of this game, he gets trapped inside the game while playing with his friend Sarah.

After a 26 years leap, we see siblings who have found the same game and released Alan, who is now all grown up. Now, to put this horrible game past their lives, Alan, Sarah, and the siblings have to finish the game once and for all.

Obviously, to finish this game, they have to fight against all the jungle power.

Zathura – A Space Adventure

MPAA Age Rating – PG/13

IMDB Rating – 6.2

Jumanji Movies

The plot revolves around two siblings named Walter and Danny. The younger sibling, Danny, finds a mysterious board game based on space.

Initiating the game takes their entire home and their elder sister into space.

On their journey to finish this game, they meet an astronaut who helps them survive against meteor showers, aliens, and a robot.

Now, to get back home, they must finish the game without losing any lives.

Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle

CBFC Age Rating – U/A

IMDB Rating – 6.9

Jumanji Movies in Order 2

This movie takes place 22 years after the first Jumanji events. The previous board game evolves into a video game magically. A group of teen friends finds this game and are eager to play the game they have never heard of before.

After starting the game, all of them are turned into their respective avatars and are teleported inside of the game world. Now, to get out of the game, they must survive by not losing all their lives and complete the game’s story.

Watch Dwyane Johnson, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan into the action on Amazon Prime!

Jumanji – The Next Level


IMDB Rating – 6.7

Jumanji Movies in Order 3

This time we jump forward two years after the event of the last film. One friend from the group enters the game to relive the mighty avatar he played last time. But to rescue him, the rest of the gang has to enter too.

The game has yet again evolved and has changed the levels, world, and the story.

Unfortunately, many of them exchange characters and regret their choices.

Watch our players go through various obstacles in epic action.

Jumanji movies have made us all laugh and made us on the edge of our seats all the time. This movie series is popular worldwide, and will definitely be worth watching with your loved ones.

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