Remove Credit Card From Amazon Prime

How To Remove Credit Card From Amazon Prime

There are many reasons why you might want to remove your credit card details from Amazon Prime.

One of the reasons is that you could be worried about your privacy and what happens to your information. 

Is it safe to have your credit card info on Amazon?

If you’re purchasing items directly from the Amazon website, it’s generally safe. If you’re buying from third-party sellers, then it can be a little risky. 

This is why Amazon gives you the chance to make payments from your Amazon Payments account instead of directly from your credit card, but sadly this is not available for use on Amazon Prime.

Maybe privacy is a big concern for you but there could be other reasons why you might want to remove your credit card from the site, such as because you’re no longer going to be using Amazon Prime or you want to replace that card info with a new card.

Whatever the case, here’s how to easily remove your current credit card from Amazon Prime. 


How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost? 

For starters, it helps to know how much Amazon Prime costs you every month or year, depending on what payment plan you want to choose.

It costs $12.99 to pay for Amazon Prime monthly, and $119 for a yearly membership. 

If you’ve just joined Amazon Prime and you’re making use of their free trial, you will have to punch in your payment details so that you can be billed automatically once this free trial ends.

If you don’t want to continue using the service after your trial, you’ll have to remove your payment details from the site. This could actually be a reason why you want to remove your card details, so let’s explore how you can delete your payment details from Amazon Prime.

How To Delete Your Amazon Prime Payment Details

account payment options
  • To remove your credit card from Amazon, you’ll have to first sign into your Amazon account. Then, you’ll have to click “Your account” and then click “Payment options.”
  • From there, you’ll see the payment method that you have been using. Click “Delete” and then “Confirm delete.”

It’s that easy to remove your credit card details from Amazon. In order to continue to use the services, you will have to input a new payment method. 

How Safe Is Amazon Prime? 

If you’re wondering just how safe it is to have your credit card details on Amazon, it’s good to know that the company ensures various safety features to bolster the security of your account.

These include Transport Security Layer (TLS)/Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is regarded as the industry standard when it comes to secure servers.

To make the most of this when you sign in, you need to ensure that you have chosen a secure and unique password. So, even though you can’t make use of payment methods such as Amazon Payments to use Prime, the service is secure. 

To further bolster its security, Amazon makes use of two-step verification. It’s up to you if you want to use this feature, but if you want to go one step further to keep online criminals at bay then you really should. When you set up two-step verification, how it works is that whenever you sign into your Amazon account with your password, the site will send you a security code to your mobile phone.

You will need to enter this code during the sign-in process to give you access to your account. The good thing about this two-step verification is that if someone tries to access your account without your consent, they won’t be able to get into it with just your password.

How Safe Does Amazon Keep Your Credit Card Details?

credit card info location

While the previous section looked at how you can ensure safe transactions when using Amazon Prime, you might wonder just how safely your payment details are stored on the site. 

Amazon follows the PCI DSS standard in order to safely secure its customers’ credit card information. PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It has very strict guidelines when it comes to how credit card information is both accessed as well as stored, such as by requiring digital as well as physical security. 

Amazon keeps these safeguards when it comes to collecting, storing, and disclosing their customers’ personal information. They ensure that proof of identification is sometimes required before any personal information is disclosed to customers. This further ensures that people other than account holders can’t gain access to valuable information.

Should You Pause Your Amazon Prime Account Instead Of Deleting It?

Maybe you want to remove your payment details because you know you won’t be using your Amazon Prime account for a while. This feels like a safer option than if you leave your account dormant. Although it is secure, it might not be that practical.

See, the next time you need to use your Amazon Prime account, you’ll have to re-enter your credit card details. While that might not bother you, if you end up changing your mind it helps to have a more practical option. You should therefore consider pausing your account. 

When you pause your account, it means you won’t be billed by Amazon at the end of the billing cycle. Of course, you won’t be able to have access to your Amazon Prime benefits because your membership will be on hold, but this option gives you the chance to pick up where you left off with your membership whenever you want.

However, bear in mind that you can only pause your membership for up to six months. 

How To Change Your Payment Details On Amazon

Maybe you don’t want to cancel your credit card details on Amazon Prime, but you want to edit your details. You can do this easily. First, log into your Amazon account. 

  • Once you’ve logged into your Amazon account, choose “Your payments.”
  • To edit your payment method, click on the drop-down arrow that’s next to your payment method. Click “Edit.”
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen. 

Note: If you find that Amazon keeps sending you a message stating that you need to revise your payment method, which tends to happen when you place an order on the website, you will have to go back and check what payment details on the site. There’s clearly something wrong with your card information.

Can You Use Amazon Prime Without A Credit Card?

card number on amazon

You will have to put down credit card details when you sign up to Amazon Prime. This is the case even if you’re choosing a free trial.

However, there are ways in which you can make use of Amazon Prime for free. For example, if you’re a student, you can make use of the Amazon Prime free trial for longer than 30 days that everyone else gets – you can use it for six months!

You can also make use of an Amazon Gift Card balance to pay for, or even renew, your Amazon Prime membership, so that’s something to look into if you don’t want to have to pay for a subscription. 

Related Questions 

Is the Amazon Prime Rewards card worth it? 

It makes sense to own an Amazon Prime Rewards card, especially if you make a lot of purchases on the site. Once you spend $2,380 you will regain your Amazon Prime membership.

Why is your credit card being declined on Amazon? 

If your card information you’ve put in your Amazon account doesn’t match the info on the card your bank issues, this can cause your credit card to be declined. 


Amazon Prime is a fantastic service that gives you tons of services to enjoy, such as exclusive access to original audio series, TV shows, movies, and more.

If you want to use Amazon Prime, however, you’ll need to have a payment method listed on your account and this has to be in the form of a credit or debit card. 

If you’ve changed your mind about using Amazon Prime, it’s really easy to remove your credit card details. Or, if you want to keep using Prime, you’ll have to update your payment details, and we’ve also covered how to do that in our guide. 

After reading this article that’s full of quick tips on how to change or edit your Amazon Prime payment details, you now know how easy it is to do both. You’re also up to date with the various options to consider instead of removing your payment details, such as pausing your account, as that could be more convenient.  

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