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How To Get Amazon Prime Trial Without Credit Card

If you want to use Amazon Prime, you’ll need to have a debit or credit card available.

You’ll only be able to sign up for a free trial if you have these details to punch into your account.

If you change your mind about Amazon Prime when your free trial is almost over, you’ll be able to cancel your card information so that you’re not billed – and, as you probably already know, an Amazon Prime membership costs $12.99. 

What if you can’t afford Amazon Prime?

Although it might not seem like you’ll be able to get amazing shipping deals and access to a variety of content without paying for Prime, there are ways in which you can enjoy a trial without a credit card. 

With that in mind, let’s check out how to get Amazon Prime without credit card information. We’ll start with the option of a virtual credit card.


How To Get Amazon Prime Without Credit Card 

One of the first things you’ll need to know if you’re interested in making use of Amazon Prime’s free trial without entering credit card details is that you will have to make use of a virtual credit card. 

What’s a virtual credit card? 

A virtual credit card is a temporary generated account number that you can use when making use of online shopping. It’s linked to your debit and credit cards and offers safety against card fraud.

To merchants online, the virtual credit card looks exactly like a regular card, but your real credit card number won’t be given to them. An example of a virtual credit card is DoNotPay

What Is The DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card? 

This card generates a random credit card number you can use, while authorizing free trials of services such as Amazon Prime. It also prevents automatic renewals or charges from going ahead. 

Or, Get A Free Trial Without Credit Card Info By Using Prime Household 

amazon household setup

In case you don’t know, Amazon Prime Household is a service that allows Prime members to share the content and benefits they enjoy from their membership with other members of their households.

This can be children, teenagers, or another adult. This setup could come in handy if you’d like to make use of a free trial but you don’t want to put your credit card details into the site because if you have a loved one who’s already a Prime member you could share their account.

In order to set up Amazon Prime household, both adults need to agree to share payment details. You can find out more about Amazon Prime Household, how it works, and how to add members to it by reading “How Does Amazon Prime Household Work?” 

Can’t You Just Renew Your Free Trial Again?

If you have no intention of being billed by Amazon for your Prime subscription, you might wonder if you can go ahead and make use of a free trial again, once yours has come to an end.

You could do this, but bear in mind that Amazon only offers you a free trial once every 12 months. That means you’ll have to wait an entire year before you can experience Prime benefits again.

It’s also risky to choose this option because if you try to set up your account earlier than the 12 months, you’ll be charged the fee automatically! 

How Else Can You Get A Free Trial Without Your Credit Card? 

prime video free trial setup

A quick internet search will display many different “hacks” and “tricks” to help you enjoy an Amazon Prime membership free trial without punching in your credit card details.

But sadly, these are not valid. There is no way around the issue of members needing to input their credit card details, no matter what those websites claim. Unless you make use of a virtual credit card or Amazon Prime Household, you will need valid debit or credit card details in order to start using Amazon Prime. Period! 

How To Cancel Your Amazon Prime Free Trial 

If you’ve used your credit or debit card details on the Amazon site but you want to cancel your free trial, you’ll need to know how to go about it so that you don’t get billed for your usage of Prime during the free trial.

Here are the steps to follow. 

If you’re using your iPhone, Android, or iPad device: 

  • Open the Amazon app, which will take you to the Amazon home page once you sign in. 
  • From there, tap the menu (which is the icon with three horizontal lines on top of each other). 
  • Choose “Your Account.”
  • Scroll down the list that comes up to “Manage Prime Membership.” 
  • You’ll see an “End trial and benefits” option come up. Click on that. 
  • Then, choose “Continue to cancel” as this confirms that you want to end your free trial. 

If you’re using your computer to cancel your Amazon Prime free trial: 

  1. Go to the Amazon website and log into your account. 
  2. Go to “Accounts & Lists,” which is located underneath your name. 
  3. Choose “Your Account” from the list that comes up. 
  4. Click on “Prime.” 
  5. Then, choose the “Update, cancel, and more” option.
  6. Finally, you’ll see “End trial and benefits.” Click on this. 
  7. You’ll also have to press the “Continue to cancel” button that comes up so that you will confirm that you’re ending your free trial. And, click the “Cancel membership” button. This is to ensure that you don’t get billed. 

Remember, once you’ve cancelled your Amazon Prime free trial, you will still be able to enjoy Prime content and benefits until the date that your trial expires. 

Do Students Get A Free Prime Trial Without Credit Cards?  

students account

If you’ve heard that students get free Amazon trials, it’s not a rumor. If you’re a student, you can make use of a free trial with Prime Student. This will give you a six-month long Prime trial that includes free two-day shipping on Prime purchases. Here’s how to start making use of Prime Student: 

  • Go to the Amazon Prime Student page on the Amazon website. 
  • Click on “Try Prime Student.” 
  • You’ll see a form come up that you have to fill out. This requests information such as the name of your university, your first name, date of birth, graduation year, as well as your billing address. 

You’ll also see a payment method come up, which is where you have to punch in your debit or credit card details. So, you can’t make use of Prime Student without a credit card!

Although you will have a longer period of time to enjoy Prime benefits without paying for them, you will still need card details in order to open your account with Amazon. The same applies to student accounts as regular ones: you’ll have to remember to cancel your free trial before it ends so you don’t get charged.

If you have been using a regular Prime subscription but you are a student, you don’t have to miss out on your Prime student benefits. It’s good to know that Amazon will refund you if you’ve had your Prime subscription renewed at the regular rate – as long as you send them documentation within two months that shows you’re eligible to make use of Prime Student.

As a nice bonus, you’ll be refunded for the full amount of money that you were charged on your Amazon Prime renewal date, or Amazon will give you a prorated refund if you used Prime benefits

Related Questions 

How long is Amazon Prime’s free trial? 

This trial lasts 30 days, after which you will be automatically upgraded to a paid membership if you don’t cancel your account. 

Will Amazon refund you if you forget to cancel your free trial? 

Unfortunately, Amazon won’t pay you back your money if you get billed for a Prime subscription after the free trial has come to an end. That’s why it’s so important to ensure you cancel your free trial if you don’t want a full subscription.


If you want to sample all the goodies that being an Amazon Prime member is all about, you’ll want to try a free trial.

But what if you don’t have a credit card, since you’ll have to put in your account details? How does it work?

In this article we’ve looked at various ways in which you can try Amazon Prime without credit card details at hand. We’ve also looked at how to cancel your free trial successfully before you get billed. 

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