Activate Amazon Prime Metro PCS

How To Activate Amazon Prime Metro PCS

Whether you’re already an Amazon Prime subscriber or you’re tempted to sign up, you should make use of Metro PCS because it can help you save money on your Prime subscription while offering you a ton of benefits.

Before you do, though, it’s good to know that the Metro PCS name has now changed to Metro by T-Mobile, so we’ll refer to it in this way in this article. 

What is Metro by T-Mobile? Metro is a prepaid wireless service provider located in the U.S. that offers a variety of mobile plans. It’s owned by T-Mobile, a mobile telecommunication company. 

These days, you can connect your Amazon Prime membership to a variety of different services in order to increase your entertainment, such as linking it to your Xbox so that you can enjoy gaming benefits.

But you might not have realized that you can access Amazon Prime benefits just by signing up with T-mobile, which is certainly an exciting idea. With that in mind, let’s explore what you have to gain by connecting your T-Mobile plan with Amazon Prime, and how to go about doing it.  


First, What Is Amazon Prime?

what is amazon prime

You might’ve heard about Amazon Prime and been interested in subscribing to it, or maybe you don’t know exactly what it has to offer you. Let’s check out what you have to gain by becoming an Amazon Prime member. 

Amazon Prime is focused on entertainment and shopping. As a member,  your online shopping gets taken to the next level because you’ll be able to enjoy free and fast delivery for more than 100 million items. This even includes two-hour and one-day deliveries for some items.

When it comes to entertainment, Amazon Prime allows you to stream thousands of TV shows and movies. You can even add channels like Showtime or HBO to the mix to further increase your viewing enjoyment. If you’re more of a music lover than movie watcher, Prime also caters to you by offering millions of songs that you can stream on the Amazon Music app. 

Just by signing up with Metro T-mobile, you’ll be able to make use of an Amazon Prime subscription and all its benefits, therefore taking the hassle out of getting a Prime subscription from scratch. 

What are the benefits you’ll gain from Prime if you activate it on Metro T-mobile? Here’s a rundown of them. 

  • Exclusive shopping deals. 
  • Unlimited listening to audio series as well as playlists. 
  • Unlimited access to over a thousand ebooks, comics, magazines, and books. 
  • Unlimited storage space for your photos. 
  • Whole Foods savings in store, as well as an extra 10 percent off sale items. 
  • Weekly deals for Whole Foods and two-hour delivery of your Whole Food groceries (limited to certain U.S. cities). 
  • Early access to Amazon deals throughout the year.

It’s clear to see that signing up with Amazon Prime is a good idea because it’s so versatile and useful. Whether you’re a book or movie lover, or just want to have more convenient shopping experiences, you’re sure to find something that appeals to you. 

How To Activate Amazon Prime On T-Mobile? 

metro by t-mobile

To be able to enjoy Amazon Prime benefits on T-mobile, you’ll need to sign up to Metro. Ready to go? Here’s what you need to do. 

First things first, you can’t just sign up to any Metro plan. It has to be a specific plan – the $60 Unlimited rate plan. When you have activated that plan, you will receive a message from Metro which will direct you to Amazon so that you can create an Amazon account and activate your Amazon Prime membership.

The beauty of this is that as long as you stay on the plan with Metro, you won’t have to pay for a Prime subscription! This is quite a benefit if you consider that an Amazon Prime subscription costs $12.99 per month. By combining it with your $60 Metro plan, you can save money and get lots more bang for your buck.

However, if you ever cancel your plan with Metro or you opt for a different plan that doesn’t offer the benefit of Amazon Prime, then your Amazon Prime membership will be cancelled automatically. You will then have to sign in with your Amazon account to become a member of Amazon Prime.

What if you already have an Amazon Prime subscription?

If you’re already a Prime member when you sign up for your Metro plan, you will have to cancel your Prime membership on the Manage Prime Membership page. Choose the “cancel my benefits” option.

Once you do that, you’ll see the date when your access to Prime benefits and membership will end. When this membership reaches the end of its lifespan, you’ll be able to re-activate your Prime membership through Metro – as long as you’re on the rate plan we mentioned earlier.

You will also have to go back to the registration page so that you can sign into your current Amazon account. On that page, you will have to punch in your T-mobile phone number and submit it, then follow the prompts. 

What Is The Unlimited Rate Plan From Metro?

metro unlimited rate plan

It helps to know exactly what you’re getting with the $60 plan from Metro.

You obviously want the plan to suit your needs, as the Amazon Prime subscription that comes with it is just a bonus (although, it’s a very big one!).

The $60 Metro plan includes unlimited LTE data, a 15GB mobile hotspot, Google One 100GB tier of cloud storage, as well as Amazon Prime. This plan doesn’t come with a contract, so it’s practical to meet your needs. 

There are some important things to bear in mind if you’re interested in signing up to this plan. If you use more than 35GB of data in a month, you might experience reduced internet speeds.

When it comes to texts and calls, you will get unlimited messages and national minutes to use. For international calls, you can make use of a Global Voice Add-On for calls in more than 140 countries while you’re in the United States. 

Included with your Google One benefit – the 100GB of expanded storage – are other benefits. You can share the storage you get with your family, as well as have access to Google experts and have an automatic mobile backup.

Other things you’ll get with this plan:

  1. As long as your phone has access to 5G, you will be able to use 5G via this plan.
  2. The first line costs $60, but a second one is just $30 more. If you have a third and fourth line, your plan will remain at $120, therefore saving you money.
  3. All Metro by T-Mobile plans come with additional features. These include:
  • The Scam Shield App. This app is a replacement for the previous Name ID T-mobile app. It is a range of software that protects you from spam callers, such as by having improved caller ID as well as call blocking services. 
  • Wi-Fi calling, call waiting, three-way calling, and caller ID. 
  • Voicemail and visual voicemail, which allows you to playback the message that’s been recorded by your contacts. You’ll then have options provided to choose from, such as texting the person back. 

Is it right for you?

If you use Amazon Prime a lot and you travel regularly, which means you’ll require a hotspot on your device, then this Unlimited plan is worth it. 

Related Questions

What happens to Amazon Prime membership if your Metro account gets suspended? 

If your account is suspended for longer than 24 hours, your Amazon Prime benefits will also be suspended. When you make your monthly service payment to Metro, your Prime benefits will resume within 24 hours. 

Does Metro offer good coverage? 

Since it runs on the T-mobile network, Metro does offer its customers excellent internet speeds as well as good coverage. That said, if you live in a rural area you might experience signal issues


If you have signed up to a specific plan with Metro by T-Mobile, you can make use of Amazon Prime benefits, such as when it comes to shopping, entertainment, and more.

In this article, we’ve outlined all the important information you need to know when signing up to Metro and how you can activate your Amazon Prime membership to start reaping the benefits.

If the Metro Unlimited $60 plan sounds good to you, go ahead and sign up for it – you’ll be able to enjoy so many Amazon Prime benefits to increase your entertainment value. 

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