Escape Room Movies

Escape Room Movies In Order

These mind-blowing Escape Room movies are presented by Sony pictures where psychological horror takes whole new energy. The film shows a group of people, who try to escape by solving puzzles and surviving various dangers.

Even though this series is quite new, it is well praised by the audience. If you love watching survival movies that aren’t your typical storyline where aliens attack the Earth, you will love this movie franchise.

There are two movies in the Escape Room series.

The first movie in the series is rated R, which could be disturbing to children.


Escape Room Movies In Order

Here are all the Escape Room movies in chronological order –

  1. Escape Room (2019)
  2. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021)

Escape Room (2019)

CBFC Age Rating – R

IMDB Rating – 6.4

Escape Room Movies In Order 1

The Escape Room movies show six people living their lives peacefully, who cross paths after participating in an escape room game competition. The temptation to win 10 thousand dollars makes all of them eager to participate. But the temptation to win the prize money switches into pure fear when they are put in the middle of real danger. Everyone gets busy to survive and to pass each level, not for money, but to stay alive.

The first movie had good cast members who blew life into the film. The story moves forward with a good pace that gives you twists and turns. The success of this film made sure it will get a sequel pretty soon.

The film depicts six people who enjoy quiet lives until they meet paths after competing in an escape room game. The chance to win ten thousand dollars entices them all to take part. When they are put in real danger, however, the desire to win the prize money turns to absolute terror. Everyone becomes preoccupied with surviving and passing each level, not for the sake of earning money, but to stay alive.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021)

CBFC Age Rating – U/A

IMDB Rating – 5.7

Escape Room Movies

The sequel again brings in six individuals who meet each other through this uncanny game competition. Again, the greed for money makes it easy for them to get locked in. To survive, they must figure a way out of each room.

Even though the plot is quite similar to the previous one, it still manages to give an entertaining time to its audience with a bunch of twists. This film series is good if you want to watch something with friends and family.

The actors have done a fantastic job making it feel real. Both of these films are available on Amazon Prime.

Sony Pictures presents these mind-blowing films in which psychological terror is given a whole new lease on life. The film depicts a group of people attempting to flee by solving puzzles and overcoming numerous hazards.

Despite the fact that this series is relatively young, it has received positive feedback from the public. If you enjoy watching survival movies that aren’t about aliens attacking the Earth, you’ll enjoy this movie franchise.

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