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If you love using Amazon Prime Music, you might wonder if you can download it to your devices.

While you can listen to music from the Amazon app or website and even download it for offline listening, such as if you’re going to be in a region where the internet isn’t great, downloading music to your computer is a thorny issue because it comes with the whole “Is it legal?” debate.

Gone are the days when the music you purchased felt like it belonged to you! 

Is it illegal to download Amazon Prime music to your computer?

Amazon clearly states that Amazon Prime music isn’t available for downloading to your computer, and the reason for this is probably as a result of how the company wants to prevent music piracy.  

But what about downloading Amazon Prime music to your iPhone or Android device so that you can keep it forever? Is that allowed? Here’s everything you need to know before you download Amazon Prime Music hack software or tools from the internet.  


What Amazon Says About Downloading Music 

download music for offline listening

Amazon Prime Music can be downloaded for the purpose of listening to it offline, and you can do this on four authorized devices.

If you try to listen to music you’ve downloaded on a fifth device, this won’t be allowed. 

Prime Music can only be accessed inside the Amazon Music app. This means you can’t export titles for use on other devices or apps. It also means that you can’t enjoy Prime Music unless you’re using the app. No app, no great tunes! 

In addition to the above, Amazon states that Prime Music can’t be copied onto CDs or other external storage. It’s also important to bear in mind that your music downloads will have Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection on them.

This prevents them from being saved on local files or even being transferred to other devices, so that’s something to think about before you go ahead and use software that promises to download music to your computer or other device directly from Amazon Prime Music.  

Why Are There Music Downloaders, Then? 

Despite the information about how you can’t actually download Amazon Prime Music to your devices so that you can keep them forever, there are many music downloader products and software on the internet that come with rave reviews of how they make it easy for you to download your Amazon Prime music tracks.

You might wonder how it’s possible for these downloaders to exist, but there are usually various purposes they serve – basically, it’s up to you to choose how to use them. These downloaders also usually come with T&Cs that specify that you need to take responsibility for using them (but more on that later in this article). 

Types Of Music Downloaders


Tuneat Converter

An example of a music downloader that you can use to download Amazon Prime Music to your computer is TunePat Amazon Music Converter. This allows you to download music from Amazon Prime Music and then copy it on a USB flash drive.

You can also save Amazon Music in various formats, such as MP3, and store them on your computer. We outline how this works in greater detail in the article, “How To Rip Amazon Prime Music To MP3.” 

If you make use of a tool such as TunePat, the benefit is that once you have the music file downloaded on your computer, you can easily send it to your other devices, whether that includes your iPhone or Android phone. 



Another type of software you might be tempted to try is TuneBoto, which is an audio converter that enables you to download songs from Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. The TuneBoto website states on their homepage that you are only allowed to use their services for personal use. 

This software not only helps you to download music from Amazon Prime Music onto your device, but it also converts it into a format you want it to be in, such as MP3 or WAV, as well as others. It also promises to preserve the audio quality of the Amazon Music you’re downloading after it’s been converted. 

Audio Capture


Audio Capture by AudFree is a music ripper that records music at good quality and can capture any sound for offline listening in formats such as MP3. Bonus: it can work on all devices. It comes with a variety of tools that you can choose from, depending on what you want to record.

While AudFree offers different types of software for different downloading and ripping purposes, if you want to record music from Amazon Prime Music you’ll probably do well to choose Audio Capture. This is described as being a tool that can record any audio, even from streaming music and online radio.

Important note: Always make sure you read the terms and conditions of music downloaders or software products that enable you to rip music. This is because they might contain some important rules that you need to know about.

An example can be seen with AudFree. In their terms and conditions on their website, they explicitly state that you should be aware of copyright law in your country, such as when it comes to DRM removal software that they offer. Basically, if your country doesn’t allow the copying of digital media files, then going ahead with your plans is potentially problematic. 

How To Download Amazon Prime Music On Your Phone For Offline Playback 


After considering that music downloader legality is not clear-cut, you might be put off and want to stick to listening to Amazon Prime Music on your phone offline, without trying different apps or software to be able to download the music. 

If that’s the case, here are the steps you need to take to successfully start downloading Amazon Prime Music on your phone so you can listen to your favorite tracks even when you’re in a location where the internet signal is poor. 

  • Open the Amazon Prime Music app and find the song or playlist that you want to listen to offline. 
  • Once you’ve found what you want, you should press the three dots next to it as this will open up more options for you. 
  • Choose the “Download” option. 
  • A checkmark will appear next to the music that you’ve chosen to download. 
  • When you need to locate the music you’ve downloaded from the app to listen to offline, choose “My Music.” To get there on Android devices, you will need to swipe from the left edge of your phone’s screen or choose the menu buttons as that will display the “My Music” section. On iPhones and iPads, you’ll find “My Music” in the menu. 

That’s all there is to it! Now you can listen to music offline without a hassle.  

What Happens To Your Music Collection If You Cancel Your Amazon Prime Music? 

Prime Music membership

If you decide to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription, you will no longer have access to the music you listened to or downloaded when you were a member.

So, you might want to keep your Prime membership, especially since it can be enjoyed with no extra costs.

It’s also worth remembering that even if something happens to Amazon Prime Music, Amazon will always offer its customers a different way in which they can enjoy their content, usually with upgrades and improvements, which means that instead of losing something you might just gain even more benefits from something new.

Related Questions 

How much do songs cost on Amazon Prime? 

You’re looking at $0.99 for individual songs and approximately $5 for entire albums. 

How much will an Amazon Prime subscription cost? 

To be able to enjoy Prime Music, you’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription. This costs $12.99 per month or $119 per year. 


Although you love Amazon Prime Music, you might feel a bit frustrated that you can’t download music to your computer or mobile in order to have copies of your favorite tracks forever.

This could make you want to find software and online tools that promise to convert your Amazon Music purchases into versatile formats that you can listen to on other devices, or even download the music to your computer.

But the issue is complicated, as we’ve seen in this article, which is why you should really think about it before you proceed. In addition, it’s probably a better idea to stick to listening to your favorite Amazon Prime Music offline on compatible devices. 

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