Dead Rising Movies In Order

Dead Rising Movies

Dead Rising movies are kind of a video game series that got popular enough to make a couple of movies to satisfy the fans. Dead Rising has a story set in a world where zombies have taken over. This film series is great for people who like to watch some gore and violence in a zombie apocalyptic world.

There are two movies in the Dead Rising series.


Dead Rising Movies In Order

Here are all the movies in the Dead Rising series in Chronological order –

  1. Dead Rising – Watchtower (2015)
  2. Dead Rising – Endgame (2016)

Dead Rising – Watchtower (2015)

Age Rating – Not Rated Yet

IMDB Rating – 5.2

Dead Rising Movies

In this film, we see a virus accidentally made by the government spread throughout the city, turning people into zombies. When a vaccine attempt fails to stop this spread and cure people, many of the survivors including our main protagonists, Chase and Jordan, decide to flee the city. But to do so, they will have to go through flesh-eating zombies, before the city is bombed by the government.

Dead Rising – Endgame (2016)

Age Rating – Not Rated Yet

IMDB Rating – 4.7

Dead Rising Movies In Order 1

Spoilers if you have not watched the first film.

The East Mission city, filled with zombies, is quarantined by the government. A reporter named Chase Carter goes on a risky mission to stop a conspiracy set by the government.

So these were the two Dead Rising movies that have been a phenomenon. They have caught the horror vibes just right, making people feel nervous till the end. You can watch these films with friends and family. Hopefully, we will get more movies from the Dead Rising series soon.

Both of these films are available on Amazon Prime Video.

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