Best War Movies

Best War Movies on Amazon Prime

Best War movies are filled with energy and power. Getting to watch top-notch action with thrilling storytelling is what most people want. There are so many great movies that are based on true battlefield events.

Get ready to kill your boredom with these ten war movies available on Amazon Prime.


Black Book

IMDB Rating – 7.7

The story revolves around a woman named Rachel. She loses her farmhouse and decides to join the Dutch resistance. Rachel, along with a man named Rob, tries to flee to the South Netherlands. But unfortunately, Rachel finds herself stuck in strings of betrayal.

Best War Movies

This movie has great character development, and each actor has done a wonderful job. This film is a lot different than ordinary war movies, it shows betrayal and action blending together. The story takes place in World War II. Even though the movie’s runtime is more than 2 hrs, you won’t notice how the time flies while watching it. Before you watch it, remember that this movie is R-rated.

Enemy At The Gates

IMDB Rating – 7.6

A sniper from Russia named Vasily Zaytsev became famous after taking down numerous Nazi soldiers during the battle of Stalingrad. To take revenge, Germany sends Major Konig on a mission to kill Zaytsev.

Best War Movies on Amazon Prime 1

Enemy At The Gates is an epic war movie with brilliant actors starring. The film contains some graphic scenes which some people might find disturbing. Jean-Jacques Annaud has done a phenomenal job in direction. The film feels intense and real.

Journey’s End

IMDB Rating – 6.7

We see a story from World War I, where a group of British soldiers is forced to wait on their fate against the German force. The group is led by Stanhope, a young officer. What they don’t know is that their own personalities are digging up their graves.

Best War Movies on Amazon Prime 2

Get ready for a heartwarming film. This movie has actors like Paul Bettney, Sam Claflin, and Asa Butterfield. This film shows groundbreaking events that many soldiers have gone through during world war I.

Red Tails

IMDB Rating – 5.9

This movie showcases events from the battles of Tuskegee. The film follows three African-American pilots, who are waiting for their chance to be part of the battle. 

Best War Movies on Amazon Prime 3

Red Tails, unfortunately, didn’t receive well from the critics. But you can ask anyone who has watched the movie to tell you how great the film is.

With young talent and perfect action scenes, you will find this movie to be a worth-watching experience.

Saving Private Ryan

IMDB Rating – 8.6

The film revolves around the Normandy invasion during World War II.

A difficult task is assigned to Captain John Miller to search Private James Ryan. The pressure is on the captain now as Private Ryan has already lost three brothers on the battlefield.

Best War Movies on Amazon Prime 4

Love great actors like Tom Hanks, Matt Dimon, and Vin Diesel? Not just the cast is great, but the story itself is interesting and well conveyed. Director Steven Speilberg won the Academy Award for Best Directing.

The Tomorrow War

IMDB Rating – 6.6

A unique story where a group travels from future to past to warn everyone about a war. The war is fought between humans and aliens. A school teacher named Dan decides to join the group and help them win the war. So he can secure his daughter’s future life.

Best War Movies on Amazon Prime 5

Starring popular actors like Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, and J.K. Simmons, you will find the movie very entertaining. Sadly, the film was not a huge success on the big screen due to the pandemic. But watching it yourself will help you understand how good of a film it is in reality.

Tropic Thunder

IMDB Rating – 7

A big-budget movie forces its film crew to act as the soldiers they are going to portray. Things start to crumble when they get attacked by a gang of local drug dealers because they are wearing uniforms.

Best War Movies on Amazon Prime 6

An awesome comedy/action film to watch with your friends. The movie has an incredible cast of RDJ, Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Tom Cruise. You’ll get tired of laughter during this movie.

The Wall

IMDB Rating – 6.2

Allen Issac and Sergeants Shane Matthews go on a desert site in Iraq during an active war to investigate. The trouble begins when they are trapped under the vision of a sniper. They have to desperately take cover behind an unstable wall. 

Best War Movies on Amazon Prime 7

Usually, war movies have a huge army and war scenes, but here you get a minimalist story with huge steaks. A great movie to watch on a weekend with a couple of friends.

Without Remorse

IMDB Rating – 5.8

A Navy SEAL seeks justice for his murdered pregnant wife. He stumbles upon a conspiracy that can destroy everything he has.

Best War Movies on Amazon Prime 8

A good movie starring Micheal B. Jordan. This film was another shot at a Tom Clancy franchise. A good one-time watch movie. An intense film that will be loved by every Micheal B. Jordan fan.

Rambo – The First Blood

IMDB Rating – 7.7

A former United States soldier traumatized by horror memories of the Vietnam War. John Rambo lets loose his violent side when a local-town sheriff triggers him.

Best War Movies on Amazon Prime 9

This is one of the classic movies starring Sylvester Stallone. A great action-packed film with top-notch direction. The movie has some explicit scenes, so be careful.


Which is the best war movie on Amazon Prime?

Saving Private Ryan is the best war movie to watch on Amazon Prime (according to our list).

Why should I use Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime features thousands of movies around the world and provides various facilities.


This was it guys, all of these movies are great to watch on Amazon Prime. You can watch these films with your friends and family. But before you make any plans and call over everyone, remember that these movies are rated R. They have graphic content and explicit language. But having a meaningful story and good character development is what makes a great movie.

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