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Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn’t Miss

Craving for some good old entertainment in Telugu movies? Worry no more! Today we will find 10 movies that you can watch while munching on your popcorn. Nobody wants to let their subscription to Amazon Prime go to waste, right? Well, without wasting any more time, let’s get started. 


Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime


8.4 IMDB rating

The movie is directed by Sukumar. The film shows the life of two brothers who decide to stand up and fight against the government of the village.

With great action and amazing acting skills, the cast has managed to build an entertainment piece.

Telugu Movies

Movie shots are pleasing to our eyes, and the story is very satisfying. A good movie to study film making art.

Arjun Reddy

8.1 IMDB rating

One of the most successful and popular movies from the Telugu industry. The movie was so trending that it was remade in Hindi as Kabir Singh.

The story follows protagonist Arjun Reddy who is a surgeon with anger issues. He loses his path from life when his love of life gets married to someone else. He gets addicted to alcohol and has a harmful lifestyle.

Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 1

A great piece to watch with your friends just for fun. Sandeep Vanga, the director of the film has managed to attract the youth of the country to watch this film as it contains a love story with heartbreak.


9.2 IMDB rating

Directed by K.V. Reddy and released in 1957. This is one of the front faces of Indian cinemas and is popular in both Telugu and Tamil industries. The story is based on Indian Mythology, The Mahabharata.

Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 2

The plot of the film revolves around Lord Krishna and Ghatotkacha as they are trying to reunite Abhimanyu (Arjuna’s son) and Savitri (Balram’s daughter).

This movie is a technical masterpiece as it was made way before computer graphics were introduced in India. A must-watch film for any Indian just on Amazon Prime.

K.G.F – Chapter One

8.3 IMDB rating

You might have heard the name of this movie on social media platforms. Prashanth Neel has written and directed this film. The film follows a guy named “Rocky” who comes to Mumbai while struggling through poverty. His only goal is to gain power and wealth so that he can fulfill his dying mother’s wish.

Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 3

With great acting, dialogues, and direction the movie feels very unique and worth watching. The background score fits soothingly with the movie theme.


8.1 IMDB rating

Directed by Mahi Raghav, the movie is a biographical film. It is based on a politician named Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy, who was chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.

The movie shows the politician marches 900 miles to meet his followers to understand their pain and suffering as an election campaign.

Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 4

A beautiful story with a realistic approach towards acting. Yatra is a strong film with great moments and emotional touch.

Nani’s Gang Leader

7.7 IMDB rating

If you are tired of heavy-hearted stuff and just want to relax on your couch to watch something simple, then Nani’s gang leader is your option.

This unique story revolves around 5 women who lost their loved ones. They approach a novelist for help in the hope to avenge their loved ones.

Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 5

Unique and creative storytelling makes the movie much better. The performance is well portrayed, and humor is something that keeps the movie together. It is immensely satisfying to watch the characters build a bond with each other.

The Ghazi Attack

7.6 IMDB rating

Based on a mystery from the India-Pakistan war which occurred in 1971. Written and directed by Sankalp Reddy.

The plot revolves around S21, an Indian submarine that is trying to stop a Pakistani submarine from attacking an Indian port.

Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 6

The story contains only necessary components and stands up to the story. A movie that is perfect for patriotic Indians to watch on weekends with their families.


7.7 IMDB rating

A film by S.S Rajamouli with a very creative and unique story. The plot is about a guy named Nani who gets murdered by a businessman. Later, he gets reincarnated as a fly.

A great film to watch. Direction, screenplay, peace, and performance by the cast is just amazing.

Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 7

A movie for people who like unique and creative content. Great computer graphics and acting make an incredible movie.

Happy Days

7.9 IMDB rating

Written and directed by Sekhar Kammula, the movie is sweet and simple just like its name. The plot revolves around 8 friends and how they are tackling various problems in life. The characters will remind you of your old college days.

Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 8

The cast has done a good job showing friendship. The film has drama, humor, emotions, and much more. Something you can watch with your friends and family.

Gundamma Katha

IMDB 8.8 rating

It was a classic Indian movie all the way back from 1962. It is a comedy-drama film with the direction of Kamalakara Kameswara Rao.

The plot revolves around a wealthy widow with two children and one stepdaughter. The widow misbehaves and mistreats the stepdaughter. The brothers decide to stand up and teach their mother a lesson.

Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 9

The story puts a spotlight on many problems like child abuse, dowry, female oppression, etc. With amazing acting and music, the film gives a worth watching experience. Even though the film is old, it still stands pretty solid against today’s date movies.


What is the best Telugu movie of all time?

According to reviews and critics, Mayabazar is a movie that is a must-watch for everybody.

How many Tamil movies are there on Amazon Prime?

There are over 1000+ movies on Amazon Prime. Each year they are expanding their list more and more.


This was just the tip of the iceberg. There are several more hidden gems in the Telugu industry. Every movie is so well thought and made that as viewers we forget it is fake. Definitely, you should give your time and watch some of these films to understand the Telugu film industry more.

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