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Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn’t Miss

Getting bored at home and wanna watch something good? Well, here are 10 best Tamil movies that you can watch right now on Amazon Prime to kill your boredom once and for all.

Tollywood is known for its unique and creative story plots. Whether you know Tamil or not, these movies are a must-watch for everyone. We will see moving IMDB ratings along with their basic story plot. So get ready with popcorn and your Amazon Prime subscription to get the best movie experience of your life.

Here are 10 Tamil movies to stream right now on Amazon Prime.


Theeran Adhigaaran Ondru

Directed by H. Vinoth, the movie has been able to manage 8.2 ratings on IMDB.

The movie plot revolves around a young police officer who is solving a series of murders. Now it sounds like any other ordinary crime movie. But the creators managed to make this film a lot different from other police stories.

Best Tamil Movies

The actors hold the film on their shoulders, with amazing acting skills and performance.

Watch how Theeran operates the investigation in an attempt to solve multiple murders.


With 8.1 IMDB ratings, this film by Lokesh Kanagaraj is based on people trying to live their lives in today’s urban lifestyle.

The story has dark humor with a suspense theme.

Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 1

We see stories from different parts of the city revolving around four people. The suspense begins as these four people’s stories start to inter-connect.

A must-watch film for those who are into watching uncanny plot stories, with suspense building up in the background.


With an 8.1 IMDB rating with director Vijay Kumar, this movie is set in the ’90s, which shows the life of four friends who stumble upon a local politician named Kumar.

Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 2

The movie is humorous and great for late movie nights to watch with your friends.

Joker (Tamil)

Not the Hollywood Joker, this is a Tamil movie that is also a political film.

The protagonist is Mannar Mannan, who fights against various injustices of the nation. He sees himself as president of India.

Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 3

Watch a common man fight against wrongness. The movie delivers a social message to the audience.

If you are into movies with social messages or movies with a fusion of fiction and realism, the Joker is just for you.


8.1 on IMDB

The film by Ameer Sultan is a romantic drama set in a rural area.

The story revolves around Paruthiveeran, who is a young carefree man who falls in love with a village girl. However, the families from both sides object to their relationship due to caste.

Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 4

Great performance by the cast and awesome twists and turns in the plot has managed to give this film a National Award with many other awards.

To Let

8.0 IMDB rating with Chezhiyan as director.

A family drama movie that is a must-watch for everyone.

The story shows the life of a family with three members struggling to find a home for rental after being given an ultimatum by their current landlady.

Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 5

We connect a bond with all of the characters and participate in their beautiful stories. A sincere story with characters that we deeply connect to. Great movie to watch with family.


8.1 IMDB rating

A 1995 film based on the romantic-drama genre with actors like Manisha Koirala and Arvind Swami.

This movie is one of the highest-grossing films from the Tamil industry.

Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 6

The film shows a family who lives in Bombay. The film takes place in December 1992 during the Bombay riots.

A beautiful soundtrack from A. R. Rahman made the viewers fall in love with the movie. A great plot with great music always pays off.

Anbe Sivam

8.7 IMDB rating

Two men who met on a journey from Bhubaneshwar to Chennai.

Both of them meet while boarding a flight but due to heavy rainfall, their flight gets canceled. They both decide to take a bus to the train station.

Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 7

They bond with each other and share numerous memories. A satisfying light-hearted movie. Although, the movie didn’t do well at the box office. But surely it is a must-watch movie.

Periyerum Perumal

8.8 IMDB ratings

Directed by Mari Selvaraj, the movie puts a spotlight on caste-based supremacy and caste exploitation that we still see in India.

The protagonist Pariyan belongs to a lower caste and is studying law. He gets bullied and oppressed by his upper-caste classmates.

Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 8

The movie begins with the brutal murder of Pariyan’s dog. Despite being a lower caste, a girl named Jothi falls in love with Priyan making it a sweet love story.

With a great love story, the movie portrays the dark reality of social and cultural practices.


Directed by Ram with a solid 9.0 ratings on IMDB. The story follows the lives of a father and daughter who are trying to live happily. Amudhavan, “the father,” has been left by his wife to raise their ill daughter, who is suffering from a disease called Cerebral Palsy.

Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 9

The story beautifully portrays the relationship between father and daughter while showing their struggles with society.


What is the best Tamil movie of all time?

Peranbu is the best movie you can watch on Amazon Prime with 9.0 IMDB ratings. A great film to watch with your loved ones.

How many Tamil movies are there on Amazon Prime?

There are over 1000+ movies on Amazon Prime, with more coming each day. However, we can’t pinpoint an accurate number.


So, that was it. With such a wide range of talent, stories, and ideas, the Tamil industry has become an inspiration for many of us. Desire anything from horror, suspense, comedy, and romance, you get everything in Tollywood. With that being said, I hope you enjoy your binge watching Tamil movies on Amazon Prime.

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