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Best Kannada Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn’t Miss

The Kannada film industry is growing day by day, and there is nothing more entertaining than watching creative and unique movies. No matter who you are with, your friends, family, or just by yourself. Best Kannada movies are always fun to watch.

We will discuss 10 movies down below with their IMDB ratings and links. Get ready! Because we have found a cure to your boredom. Get your popcorn and cold drinks, and just sit back tight.



6.5 IMDB rating

The plot focuses on an orphan named Krishna, who is raised by a gym owner. Obviously, he grew up to be a professional wrestler. His life starts to turn upside down when he falls in love with a girl named Rukmini. Now he has to balance between his passion and love, or in other words, between his father and Rukmini.

Best Kannada Movies

A beautiful cinema piece, directed by S. Krishna. The movie is sweet in theme with relatable life problems.

Malgudi Days (2020)

6.5 IMDB rating

A cute and relaxing movie to watch made by director Kishor Moodbidri. According to some, Vijay Raghavendra has given the best performance of his life. The movie has a sweet background score with some eye-pleasing sight settings.

Best Kannada Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 1

It is based on a retired writer who decides to visit his childhood village. The name of the writer is Malgudi. On his way, the writer meets a young woman. They start to bond and share life stories with each other.

You can watch this film with your family to remember the good old days.

Mayabazar 2016

7.2 IMDB rating

A group of three men, one being a police officer, the second being a racketeer, and the third being a hopeless romantic, decides to pull off a scam during the days of demonetization. But to their surprise, the whole plan goes sideways, and everything starts to crumble.

Best Kannada Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 2

Directed by Radhakrishna Reddy, the movie holds its place pretty well. With actors like Prakash Raj, you will watch this movie again and again. Sadly, the movie did not do as expected in the movie theatres. But it is a must-watch on Amazon Prime.

Avane Srimannarayana

7.9 IMDB rating

Directed by Sachin Ravi, the movie focuses on the protagonist Narayana, who is trying to unfold the mystery of missing treasure. However, a gang leader keeps throwing different obstacles in front of Narayana to stop him.

Best Kannada Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 3

A good action/adventure movie to watch with your family and friends. Performance by Rakshit Shetty is wonderful to watch as inspector. It is a worth-watching film on Amazon Prime.

Act 1978

7.8 IMDB rating

A movie directed by Manso Re, released in 2020. A widowed pregnant woman, who is fed up with the corruption. She has to walk a dangerous path with her unborn child.

Best Kannada Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 4

Watch her unique way of punishing evil in Act 1978. Great acting and intense themes make this movie amazing to watch.


8.2 IMDB rating

The story revolves around a 16-year-old girl named Meera. She has to stay alone as her parents are mostly out for work. Meera’s life changes when she falls in love with a guy and her life gets upside-down.

Best Kannada Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 5

Watch how she struggles and tries to solve the problems in her life. The movie directed by Roopa Rao is incredibly filmed and is a must-watch.

Ammachi Yemba Nenapu

8 IMDB rating

The movie is beautiful showing some of the issues of Indian country. The plot shows the story about women who struggle to live in a patriarchal society and how they are living in control of men.

Best Kannada Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 6

A great movie to watch with your kids to finally change the issues and problems of the country. Champa Shetty has nailed the direction of the film with great cast support.

Krishna Tulasi

7.7 IMDB rating

If you are into watching sweet love stories with light-hearted content, then this film is just for you. Krishna Tulasi is a movie showing two people who fall in love on their daily bus rides. They slowly build up their trust and bond. What they don’t know about each other is that they both are visually impaired.

Best Kannada Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 7

A great movie to watch with your loved ones on Amazon prime. And watch how true love still exists.


8 IMDB rating

The traffic police officer finds three skulls and bones near a metro developing site. He decides to unfold the mystery behind these skulls with help of an Ex-retired police officer.

The movie will make you sit on the edge of your seat.

Best Kannada Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 8

With great action, character development, thriller, mystery, and much more, the movie manages to grasp the viewer’s attention till the end.

Love Mocktail

8.3 IMDB rating

The movie revolves around Adi and a girl he rescued. He starts to bond and shares with her. He explains how he got heartbroken by various girls in his past. Watch Adi on his journey to find the true love of his life.

The film is directed by Darling Krishna, who also plays the role of Adi. A light-hearted film to watch when you are bored. A simple yet beautiful love story lies within the story of Love Mocktail.

Best Kannada Movies on Amazon Prime | 10 You Shouldn't Miss 9

A good movie to watch with your friends or partner, as a weekend break. A refreshing romantic film with a fusion of romance, fun, and emotions.


What is the best Kannada movie of all time?

Well, according to reviews and critics the best Kannada movie is Love Mocktail. But still, we can not forget it is a matter of choice and personal preference.

How many Kannada movies are there on Amazon Prime?

There are 1000+ movies on Amazon Prime that you can watch anytime and anywhere.


So, did you find the movie you were looking for? Kannada film industry has everything to offer from romance, thriller, comedy, emotions, and much more. You just need to find what you really desire.

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