Best Feel-Good Movies on Amazon Prime

Best Feel-Good Movies

Are you feeling down or Sad? Well, watching Best Feel-Good Movies can instantly make these feelings go away. There are plenty of movies on Amazon Prime that have happy vibes, which you can watch at weekends.

Here are ten movies that will make you feel good.


Sylvie’s Love

IMDB Rating – 6.8

Sylvie meets a saxophonist who works at a record store owned by her father. They start their summer romance, but years pass, and they lose contact.

After a few years, they both meet again to find their feelings are buried inside them. But Sylvie, being engaged to someone else, has to decide whether to choose her current fate or make one of her own.

Best Feel-Good Movies

If you like romance, set in the ’50s, then this film is just for you. This film has a cute storyline and does a good job portraying the depth of each character.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

IMDB Rating – 6.8

This film revolves around Mark, who is stuck in a loop, reliving the same day again and again. Something unexpected happens with Mark after a long time when he meets Margaret, who is also stuck in the loop.

A flavourful love story begins as both try to end the loop.

Best Feel-Good Movies on Amazon Prime 1

This is romance/sci-fi with some great acting and storytelling. You might think this film is nothing different than any other time-loop movie, but it is way more unique than anything you have seen before.

Annie (2014)

IMDB Rating – 5.3

The story follows a 10-year old girl named Annie Benett, who is a foster child. She gets adopted by a wealthy politician who saves Annie from an unexpected accident. Her miserable life starts to change thereafter.

Best Feel-Good Movies on Amazon Prime 2

A cute story with wholesome vibes throughout the film. The cast has done a phenomenal job of portraying each character. Definitely a good film to watch with your family only on Amazon Prime.

Mermaids (1990)

IMDB Rating – 6.7

A story of a single mother trying to make her two daughters happy during troubled times. Certain events occur when the small family relocates to a new town. These events help them make their bond, trust, and love for each other stronger.

Best Feel-Good Movies on Amazon Prime 3

Mermaid is a wholesome movie showing the love of a family. While being insightful, this movie manages to deliver some comedic moments. You’ll love every scene from this film.

The Big Sick

IMDB Rating – 7.5

A Pakistani stand-up comedian named Kumail meets Emily, an American graduate student. Their beautiful relationship begins as Kumail starts to worry about his parents, who are traditionalists.

An unfortunate event crumbles Kumail’s life as he sees Emily in a coma due to an illness. The heartbreaking event brings Kumail and Emily’s parents close, giving birth to a new relationship.

Best Feel-Good Movies on Amazon Prime 4

A good film showing current stereotypes that come between two lovers. A must-watch film that you can watch with your loved ones. You will love the humor, emotions, and love that this movie shows. The storytelling is extraordinary, which will keep you engaged till the end.

Guess Who

IMDB Rating – 5.9

An African-American father, Percy Jones, gets surprised after finding out his lovely daughter, Theresa, has decided to marry a Caucasian man. Being worried for his daughter, Percy Jones initiates an investigation against the fiance to make sure he is good enough for his daughter.

Best Feel-Good Movies on Amazon Prime 5

A cute film showing how a father cares for his daughter, and can take some serious steps to ensure her safety and happiness. Watch this comedic film only on Amazon Prime with your family.

Happy Gilmore

IMDB Rating -7

A former hockey player named Happy finds a new interest in golf. He finds out that his grandmother is in debt and could lose her house. In an attempt to save her from the crushing debt, he decides to enter a gold tournament to win the cast prize.

Best Feel-Good Movies on Amazon Prime 6

Adam Sandler has done a great job in this film. The film is a comedy from start to beginning and has some romantic moments too. If you have enjoyed films like Mr. Deeds and Big Daddy, then Happy Gilmore will surely make you feel good.

First Wives Club

IMDB Rating – 6.4

Three middle-aged women are dumped by their husbands to be with younger women. These three women plan an act of revenge against their petty husbands.

Best Feel-Good Movies on Amazon Prime 7

The stellar cast has managed to grasp everyone’s attention. You will love this movie which blends comedy and romance well together.

Imagine That

IMDB Rating – 5.6

A financial advisor named Evan Danielson faces disruption because of low confidence. But then his young daughter comes up with an unusual solution. Evan finds himself being confident in an imaginary world built by his youngling.

Best Feel-Good Movies on Amazon Prime 8

No matter what the critics said, this movie has won many hearts with its cute and sweet story. Eddie Murphy has done a great job with his performance as Evan. The story moves with a good peace and feels wholesome till the end.

The Farewell

IMDB Rating – 7.6

The story follows a Chinese family, who is facing difficulties after learning their Nai Nai (grandmother) has lung cancer. To reunite and watch her happy, the family organizes a wedding. But Bill, the antagonist, is not satisfied with the decision.

Best Feel-Good Movies on Amazon Prime 9

This movie is emotional and will make you laugh several times. But make sure to keep some tissues nearby because this film will also make you cry. The emotional bond and love of the family really show how much they care for each other. With ground-level storytelling, you will want to go and meet your family.


How much internet speed should one have for Amazon Prime?

Having 1MB/s speed for SD content and 5MB/s for HD content is sufficient for Amazon Prime.

Which is the best feel-good movie on Amazon Prime?

The Farewell is the best feel-good movie on Amazon Prime (according to our list).


A small 2 hrs film can easily change your mood and day. Watching these kinds of movies is always great if you want to feel good all day long. Watch with your family and friends and try to increase your bond and share stories. You won’t regret it at all!

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