Best Dystopian Movies on Amazon Prime

Best Dystopian Movies

A simple definition for best Dystopian movies is that they are mostly set in the future time where the authority or government is corrupt. There are many popular dystopian films that are available on Amazon Prime. But before you get confused about which one to watch, here is a shortlist that can help.

Here are the top ten dystopian movies available on Amazon Prime.


Mad Max (1979)

IMDB Rating – 6.9

A highway patrolman named Max defeats a big gangster in a brutal battle. The loss of the leader fills his underlings with revenge. All this happens during an apocalyptic world.

Best Dystopian Movies

A great movie to start your journey of the dystopian marathon. Mad Max is a classic movie that has gained a lot of popularity in the past few decades.


IMDB Rating – 7.1

The story shows a frozen Earth where only a few humans are still alive. These humans decide to get on a train which will travel the whole globe. Curtis, the protagonist, is the leader of a small group that wants to control the train.

Best Dystopian Movies on Amazon Prime 1

The movie has brilliant actors like Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, and John Hurt. Even though the film has received mixed reviews from the fans, it still deserves a watch. A unique plot with a lot of attention to character development makes Snowpiercer a worth-watching film.

Blade Runner 2049

IMDB Rating – 8

An officer in the Police Department of Los Angeles named K discovers a secret. That could put Earth into Chaos. K then decides to track down the ex-blade runner, who has been missing for the past 30 years.

Best Dystopian Movies on Amazon Prime 2

A sequel to Blade Runner that did not disappoint a single fan. Blade Runner has built a new benchmark for Sci-fi movies like the Matrix. If you are looking for a dystopian film that is highly based on Sci-fi, then Blade Runner 2049 is the way to go.

Minority Report

IMDB Rating – 7.6

The story takes place in the future, where the new technology helps police to arrest criminals before they commit a crime. The protagonist named John Anderton has to prove his innocence after being accused of committing a crime that he might do.

Best Dystopian Movies on Amazon Prime 3

A unique film with a brilliant plot. Minority Report is a great film to watch if you like Sci-fi action movies. Tom Cruise has done a phenomenal job along with the other actors. You can add Minority Report to your watchlist to make sure you don’t miss a movie like this.

The Matrix

IMDB Rating – 8.7

A computer programmer named Thomas Anderson is sent to fight against computers. These powerful computers have created a simulation reality with the help of the Matrix system.

Best Dystopian Movies on Amazon Prime 4

You must have heard about this classic sci-fi film. The Matrix is a classic dystopian movie that is a must-watch for anyone who loves cinema. It was released in 1999, and since then, fans have gone crazy behind the franchise.

The Terminator

IMDB Rating – 8

A robot assassin sent from the future has only one mission, to kill Sarah Connor. She is a waitress, her assassination means stoping her son, who will stand an obstacle in the future. That’s why the assassin is sent to recreate the past to change the future.

Best Dystopian Movies on Amazon Prime 5

One of the most popular films of all time. The Terminator is easily the best sci-fi movie to start with. Arnold Schwarzenegger has done a great job as the Terminator. This is not the usual dystopian film you would expect but definitely worth watching on Amazon Prime.


IMDB Rating – 6.8

The story follows a police robot named Chappie. He gets stolen by the criminals. They all treat him like their own family. The robot starts to feel emotions and thinking processes with new programming. This happens for the first time.

Best Dystopian Movies on Amazon Prime 6

The movie has a lot of emotional moments. The crew knew how a child develops, and they did the same thing with Chappie. The development happens at a good pace and feels relatable. A good film to watch with your family.

Dark City

IMDB Rating – 7.6

With no memory, John Murdoch wakes up in a hotel just to learn that he is accused of multiple murders. He begins his journey to find the reasons behind this strange accusation. During this, he finds a group of aliens named Strangers who have possession of the whole city.

Best Dystopian Movies on Amazon Prime 7

An unusual movie that deserves a watch. The cast has performed well and blends into the story. The whole plot will keep you stuck in your seat until the movie ends. Even though the movie is old, it still stands pretty solid among other films.

The Rover

IMDB Rating – 6.4

The story sets in the future where the greed and violence of humans have led civilization to the end. Society and law are found to be nowhere. A guy named Eric roams in a desolate and dangerous area when his car is stolen by some thieves. All they leave for Eric is a wounded comrade named Rey. Eric gets disappointed to lose the only meaningful thing he had. He makes Rey help to find the gang and take back what’s his.

Best Dystopian Movies on Amazon Prime 8

A great film to watch while you hang out with your friends. The tone used by this film is great. The Rover is a good dystopian film that makes everything feel out of order. Robbert Pattison and Guy Pearce look phenomenal together.

The Truman Show

IMDB Rating – 8.1

Truman, an insurance salesman, is unaware of the fact that his whole life is a TV show. His friends and families are just some actors playing the role. Later, he starts to notice unusual things and gets close to the truth. After questioning his existence, he decides to escape this dilemma once and for all.

Best Dystopian Movies on Amazon Prime 9

Jim Carrey, the all-time favorite comedy actor, is playing Truman in this film. A good movie to start your binge-watch. It has drama as well as Sci-fi.


Which one are you looking forward to watching first? All of them are great and loved by the audience. Also, all of them are available on Amazon Prime.

Hope you found what you were looking for. If you find a movie that is great and does not exist on this list, please do share it with everyone.

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