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Best documentaries on Amazon Prime

Documentaries are great to watch, especially for those who love movie-making. There are millions of best documentaries in the world, but there is a place where you get thousands of documentaries in one place. Amazon Prime is a great place to just sit back and watch back-to-back documentaries.

Here are some documentaries that you should watch on Amazon Prime.


Citizen Four

IMDB Rating – 8

This documentary was released in 2014, with a three million box office collection.

Laura Poitras gets an email from a person, which states information about a massive covert-surveillance program of the government. She takes help from a reporter named Glenn. They both decide to go to Hong Kong to meet the sender. They find out that the sender is Edward Snowden.

Best documentaries

This film is good for people who love conspiracy theories. This is based on true events.

Human Flow

IMDB Rating – 7.1

This documentary shows us the miserable life of refugees. The documentary shows us the sad story of 20 countries like Germany, Afghanistan, Greece, etc who are undergoing poverty situations.

Best documentaries on Amazon Prime 1

The director portrays human nature so well that each minute of the documentary will feel relatable. It was released in 2017. And suits well to the audience who like “global view problem” documentaries.


IMDB Rating – 6.3

The name itself feels creepy. This is a story where two filmmakers try to investigate the disappearance of five children with an unknown boogeyman.

Best documentaries on Amazon Prime 2

Here the serial killer is Andre Rand, who lived in the woods. Definitely, a horror film to watch at night. Though, be sure before you watch because it might feel disturbing to some audience. This documentary on Amazon Prime definitely is a must-watch.

The Endless Summer

IMDB Rating – 7.7

This 1966 documentary will take you throughout the world with surfing legends like Robert August and Michael Hynson. The movie is directed by Bruce Brown, who is also a surfer. Bruce Brown follows the other two legends from countries like Hawaii and Australia.

Best documentaries on Amazon Prime 3

This was made on a very low budget. They did not use any high-tech equipment and just carried what they could. But still, this is one of the best documentaries you can find. Good for people who like a little adventure and most importantly surfing.

Gimme Danger

IMDB Rating – 7.2

This documentary focuses on the band Stooges. The director Jim Jarmusch calls this documentary his love story. The director puts a spotlight on the life of James Osterberg, who you may know as Iggy Pop.

Best documentaries on Amazon Prime 4

It shows never seen before clips and interviews and follows the effect of alcoholism and drugs on the life of Stooges. They changed rock music for everyone and inspired millions. Obviously, a good movie for their fans.

Little Girl Blue

IMDB Rating 7.4

Get to see the unseen footage, clips, and interviews of popular songwriter and singer Janis Joplin. She came up to the musical levels in the 1960s while fighting against her addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Best documentaries on Amazon Prime 5

This is a motivational documentary that will teach you life lessons. Sadly, Janis Joplin died at a very young age of 28. But you can watch this with your family and friends to witness the life journey of a legend.


Hale County This Morning, This Evening

IMDB Rating – 6.4

This documentary directed by RaMell Ross shows the emotional lifestyle of the black community. Specially focusing on the Hale County region from Alabama.

Best documentaries on Amazon Prime 6

The film beautifully portrays life while showing the struggle of racism in our world. This movie will change your perspective towards the world and will make you respect others.

I Am The Big Bird – The Caroll Spinney Story

IMDB Rating – 7.4

Many of us are familiar with the Big Bird, but not all of us know about the man inside the suit. This documentary focuses on Caroll Spinney, who was in love with puppets since he was a little kid. He has played the character since the first season of Sesame Street.

Best documentaries on Amazon Prime 7

The legend passed away in 2016, but his work and thoughts still remain with us, helping us to mold young minds. Here you can find rare footage and interviews of Caroll Spinney. Good for someone who is looking for something motivational and heartwarming.

City of Ghosts

IMDB Rating – 7.4

Rebels from Syria are being slaughtered quietly. They risk their own lives to record the horrors done by ISIS in Syria since the year 2014.

Best documentaries on Amazon Prime 8

Directed by Matthew Heineman. The documentary is suitable for an audience who wants to understand the struggle of Siberians who are under war.

Dear Zachary – A Letter To A Son About His Father

IMDB Rating – 8.5

A 28-year-old man named Andrew Bagby was dead in a park in Pennsylvania after his ex-girlfriend shot him. She was pregnant with Andrew Bagby’s child and ran away to Canada to live free on bail.

Andrew’s parents appealed to get custody of the infant and convict the ex-girlfriend.

Best documentaries on Amazon Prime 9

Director Kurt Kuenne tried to gather some interviews from people who knew Andrew to give this documentary to his son (Zachary).

A heart wrenching story of grief and mishappening. The story will surely leave you in tears.


Best Documentary to watch on Amazon Prime?

The documentary by Kurt Kuenne, Dear Zachary is one of the most recommended documentaries.

What is the monthly subscription cost for Amazon Prime?

The monthly cost for Amazon Prime in the US is 12.99$ with 119$ yearly.


Not many people choose documentaries. But in reality, the cinemas are supposed to convey a message to a mass audience that normal text messages won’t be able to. Documentaries are doing what other films can’t. Make sure to save some valuable time out of your schedule to watch these movies to learn about our own world.

Support the creators and remember to spread their work among your friends and families.

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