Best Christian Movies on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the best places to stream movies, series, and much more for a very reasonable price. With its growing service, Amazon Prime is adding movies from everywhere. While some prefer movies with romance, action, horror, thriller, or suspense, some might prefer watching calm Christian movies.

Well, here are our picks for the Ten best Christian movies that you can watch right now on Amazon Prime.


Overcomer– Best Christian Movies

IMDB Rating – 6.7

John Harrison, coach of a high-school basketball team, is forced to train athletes from cross-country. While this, he meets a rare talented girl named Hannah Scott. The challenge she has is that she is an asthmatic.

Christian Movies

Get inspired by this moving story with great actors. The film really stands solid when it comes to emotions.

By God’s Grace

IMDB Rating – 5.5

A beautiful Christmas story that teaches us the importance of giving to others. A Christmas tragedy leaves Chris alone and lonely. Chris sees his past, present, and future, which makes him believe God is still present with us in the darkest of times.

Best Christian Movies on Amazon Prime 1

A cute and calm movie directed by Eric Eichenberger, that will make you feel happy. Watching movies like these in difficult times helps us to stay strong and fight our battles.

Once Upon A Summer

IMDB Rating – 6.3

The movie shows two cousins, Lisa and Andy, who were inseparable while creating new journeys and adventures. But adulthood separates both of them.

But then, Andy’s life turns upside down when she receives devastating news while Lisa’s life starts to crumble. They decide to meet and remember their past. They must fight their challenges by remembering their past.

Best Christian Movies on Amazon Prime 2

This movie shows us the change we go through, and how we forget our past.

Redemption of Heart

IMDB Rating – 6.8

A broke man named Alex starts to swindle churches. He tries to bilk money out from a member of the church named Elaine. They fall in love with each other. Unfortunately, the FBI closes in, and Alex might have to sacrifice his current life to gain a new beginning.

Best Christian Movies on Amazon Prime 3

A good film to watch on Amazon Prime. This film is Christian and good in many ways. Make sure to support the cast and crew of the film to encourage them.

Let The Church Say Amen

IMDB Rating – 7.1

Rachel Jackson, a single mother, tries to make her life stable. While trying to fix her relationship and bond with her father, who is a preacher.

Best Christian Movies on Amazon Prime 4

A Christain film with a pinch of drama. One of the best movies to watch on Amazon Prime, which can give you a good and heartwarming feel. This is a motivational movie good for those who like light-hearted stories.


IMDB Rating – 6.2

The story revolves around a couple who are struggling to maintain their marriage after the husband faces an identity crisis. Emily, the wife, stays loyal to her belief in God and faith. She must decide whether to stay with her husband, who doesn’t believe in her faith and ‘her’ God. What will Emily choose between love and faith?

Best Christian Movies on Amazon Prime 5

The movie is directed by Ryan Graves. A good film that shows us how people try to stay loyal to their beliefs even in a crisis. A good cast and well-conveyed storytelling make a movie worth watching.

War Room

IMDB Rating – 6.5

Jordan’s family looks perfect to others, but the family themselves know how many cracks they have. Miss Clara decides to help and unite them with the power of her prayer.

Best Christian Movies on Amazon Prime 6

The movie has humor and heart with a powerful story. This film is directed by Alex Kendrick. If you have watched the Fireproof movie, then you will surely love this one because both of these films have the same creators.

Run The Race

IMDB Rating – 6.1

The story revolves around a successful high school football athlete, Zach Truett. Trying to get a scholarship for college and a way to get out of town.

Unfortunately, Zach’s smooth running life stops when he experiences a knee injury. He must sit out of the field while his brother gets ready to take his position. Despite this, Zach finds something else that becomes a silver lining. He meets a nurse who works at a hospital as an intern, they both become good friends.

Best Christian Movies on Amazon Prime 7

Dialogues and acting were two things that many people liked. The story is low grounded with emotions and heart. The movie is quite new as it was released in 2018.

Letters To God

IMDB Rating – 6.3

This movie shows a young boy who suffers from cancer. The boy starts to write letters to god so he can get help. The postman gets confused when he sees the first letter and can’t decide what he should do with it.

Best Christian Movies on Amazon Prime 8

A cute movie with a heart-touching plot. The movie breaks us all into tears. This movie was released in 2010 and has a great cast.

Same Kind of Different as Me

IMDB Rating – 6.7

This story shows a husband named Ron cheats on his wife and confesses everything in front of her. After knowing the truth, his wife tells him to do social work as a volunteer at a shelter.

He agrees to help the homeless people at the shelter. He meets an ex-convict who starts to bring in positive vibes in Ron’s life.

Best Christian Movies on Amazon Prime 9

This movie has great ideas, and clearly, the filmmakers know how to execute them. Everything about this film is great, the acting, the writing, the direction. A must-watch film that believes in second chances.


When was Amazon Prime launched?

Amazon Prime was first launched in 2005.

Which is the Highest Rated Christian Movie? (According to our list)

Let the Church Say Amen is the highest-rated Christian movie on Amazon Prime.

When Was Same Kind Of Different As Me Released?

20th October, 2017


Christian movies are getting more and more recognition in recent years. They show relatable problems faced by regular people with the power of faith and belief. If you love Christian movies, then all of these movies are great for you.

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