Bad Ben Movies In Order

Bad Ben Movies

Bad Ben is a movie series where you can witness real-life footage evidence of paranormal activities. All of the Bad Ben movies are available on Amazon Prime.

Everything from the direction, acting, and production of the movie is done by Nigel Bach.

There are a total of nine full-length feature films from the series Bad Ben.


Bad Ben Movies In Order

The Bad Ben movies in chronological Order are –

1. Bad Ben (2016)

2. Bad Ben: Steelmanville Road (2017)

3. Badder Ben: The Final Chapter (2017)

4. Bad Ben: The Mandela Effect (2018)

5. Bad Ben: The Crescent Moon Clown (2018)

6. Bad Ben: The Way In (2019)

7. Bad Ben 7: The Haunted Highway (2019)

8. Bad Ben: Pandemic (2020)

9. Bad Ben: Benign (2021)

Bad Ben (2016)

Rated – M (Recommended for mature above the age of 16 under parent’s guidance)

IMDB Rating – 5.4

Bad Ben Movies In Order 1

The first installment of the Bad Ben series shows Tom Riley buying a house hoping to flip it as soon as possible, which became an experience of a lifetime. Uncanny and undescribable events begin to occur in the house. Tom realized the house is possessed by the spirits of previous owners who lived there.

Tom captured footage using his mobile phone and got videos from CCTV cameras that were already installed in the house by past owners.

Bad Ben: Steelmanville Road (2017)

Rated – M

IMDB Rating – 3.8

Bad Ben Movies

The sequel focuses on a couple named Matt and Racheal, who got a house they were dreaming of for years. Racheal gets the home from her mother who had put Racheal for adoption just after her birth.

The couple moved into the house and started to experience things that are terrifying.

Badder Ben – The Final Chapter (2017)

Rated – M

IMDB Rating – 4.5

Bad Ben Movies In Order 2

The final chapter shows us a group of paranormal investigators revisit the area of Steelmanville and to their surprise, they find Tom Riley. While the investigators try to film a documentary, horrifying things start to happen which get captured in the film. The movie is sure to give you nightmares for weeks.

Bad Ben – The Mandela Effect (2018)

Rated – M

IMDB Rating – 5.4

Bad Ben Movies In Order 3

The horrors Tom had to go through when he bought his house were captured on his phone and 21 CCTV cameras. Now just imagine what has happened in a parallel universe?

That’s what Bad Ben The Mandela Effect covers. A spooky continuation of the Bad Ben franchise.

Bad Ben – The Crescent Moon Clown (2018)

Rated – M

IMDB Rating – 3.1

Bad Ben Movies In Order 4

A new family has moved into the house on Steelmanville Road. One day when the daughter of the owner is home alone, scary things start to happen. At first, she thinks it’s just her new friends who snuck into the house to pull a prank. But later she discovered something evil is controlling the house. The source of this seems to be coming from the clown doll that she found in a locked box that is now completely free.

Bad Ben – The Way In (2019)

Rated – M

IMDB Rating – 5.3

Bad Ben Movies In Order 5

The latest owner of the house in Steelmanville Road decides to fight against these evil powers by hiring an expert. The expert he chooses to hire is none-other than Tom Riley, who has encountered and survived against ghosts and demons. Tom accepts the job to remove all the evil spirits from the house to get some desperate money.

But to remove these spirits Tom must find out how they are getting in.

Bad Ben 7 – The Haunted Highway (2019)

Rated – M

IMDB Rating – 4.6

Bad Ben Movies In Order 6

Tom Riley, after getting tired of paranormal life, decides to take a job as a ride-share driver. Due to his past experience, Tom had installed several cameras in his car, including a body cam on himself.

His driving journey shows us various encounters with weird and terrifying passengers. Young women with a suspicious bag, a passenger with bloodthirst, an aggressive scarecrow, and a witch are some people we witness.

Bad Ben – Pandemic (2020)

Rated – M

IMDB Rating – 4.8

Bad Ben Movies In Order 7

2020 was a year where humanity had to step back and wait. Just like humanity, Tom had to wait, which had many people suffering without his paranormal expertise. But Tom decided to help others no matter what. He started meeting his clients online through virtual meet where he analyzed paranormal videos sent by his clients.

The Bad Ben Pandemic movie is a combination of various odd videos captured by people around the globe.

Bad Ben – Benign (2021)

Rated – M

IMDB Rating – 7.2

Bad Ben Movies In Order 8

Just when life was getting back to normal, Tom installed new cameras with radars to avoid any further trouble. But Steelmanville Road is not a place to have peace. The cameras start capturing things you don’t want to see anywhere near you.

To find out what Tom saw, watch Bad Ben Benign only on Amazon Prime.

Bad Ben movies are scary because there are high chances they might be true. No special effects or scripting is done prior to filming. The footage you see is raw and pure. The true horror is to watch these movies late at night with your friends.

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