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Amazon Prime Day FAQs

Most people know Amazon, but few people understand what Prime Day entails. So, here are some of the frequently asked questions about Prime Day that you should know.


Is Amazon Prime Day Worth It?

Yes. Amazon Prime Day offers worthwhile shopping and entertainment deals. During these days,  you get unlimited offers with reduced prices. You also get discounts from a wide array of selections of items from top brands. If even some of these were items you would have bought anyway,  you will spend less, and this means you will save more. Find out more from Amazon’s press release.

Will Everyone Benefit from Prime Day Deals?

No. Prime Day is open for Amazon Prime members only. This means not everyone gets to enjoy the incredible deals on this day. If you want to benefit on Prime Day, you will have to be an Amazon Prime Member. Not sold on the idea of a subscription?  You can begin your prime membership within a month of Prime Day by subscribing to Prime and enjoy a free 30 days’ trial. Subscribe through this link.

Does Prime Day Deals Include All Products?

Yes. Amazon Prime Members will typically access all Amazon products on this day, though the level of discount varies. So, if you are familiar with Amazon and the items it deals with, rest assured you get every category of product. From electronic devices, beauty products, books, music to movies, expect great deals. However, note that there will be some exemptions. So, prepare early enough to learn what you can expect from the Prime Day page on Amazon.

Will this year’s Prime Day Take longer than previous years?

No. This year’s Amazon Prime Day will take 48 hours, similar to the 2 days in 2020.. In 2019 and earlier, Prime Day was only 24 hours. Amazon announced that the event would begin on June 21st and end on June 22nd. You have all the 48 hours to buy anything on your wish list. Avoid the last-minute rush and prepare earlier before the event kicks off.

Do I Need Prime Membership for Amazon Prime Day?

Yes. Join the over 150MM Amazon Prime members who have heartily endorsed this program.  Amazon Prime Day deals are exclusive to Prime Members only. You can sign up for a one-month free trial right before Prime Day and decide if you still want to keep it after your shopping spree. At the end of your 30-day free trial, you pay around $13 per month. Amazon Prime Membership comes with a host of benefits like free shipping, year-round discounts and many more. Access to the Prime Day discounts is just one of the many benefits. Sign up.

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Prime Day

Will Prime Day Take Place Earlier Than Previous Years?

Yes. Amazon Prime Day 2021 is taking place earlier compared to previous years. The event is scheduled for June 21st, all through June 22nd. In 2020, Prime Day occurred in mid-July, but this is not the case this year. A recent report has it that the early schedule comes due to the forthcoming 2021 Olympics. Prime Day was delayed last year due to the Covid-19 and took place in October.

Should I Begin Preparing for Prime Day Today?

Yes. The earlier you plan for Amazon Prime Day, the better. For instance, if you are not an Amazon Prime Member, you can set up your account beforehand. Creating a wish list of favorite things to buy is an excellent idea. Amazon will notify you in case any of your items are up for grabs on Prime Day. Leverage tools like Amazon Assistant and shop with Alexa to prepare for the big day.

Does Prime Day Feature Better Deals?

Yes. Prime Day is all about great deals. This year’s forthcoming event is even bigger and better. Prime Members will access over 2 million sales from small businesses globally. So, expect items from other big US retailers, such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy – who want to also compete for your wallet. One thing for sure is that you will get quality products at significantly reduced prices.

Will I Save When I Buy On Prime Day?

Yes. Saving on Prime Day is the biggest of deals and there are many ways to save. With the Spend $10 and Get $ promotion, you will get a 10% back in rewards on some purchases. This goes only to Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card and Amazon Prime Store Card Holders, so you’ll need to commit to this payment method. You can also save with Prime Wardrobe and Amazon Coupon.

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Buy and Save Prime Day

Should I Actively Shop Before the Prime Day?

Yes. Amazon announced some fascinating deals available for clients before Prime Day. Beginning Monday, June 7th until June 20th, Prime Members will get $10 credit to use on the event day. The members will use the credit to purchase items from specific small businesses based in the US. This is an excellent reason to shop before Prime Day arrives. The promotion extends to Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and the UK.

Will Amazon Live Help My Decision-Making On Prime Day?

Yes. Amazon offers impressive methods to make shopping easy. Amazon Live is one of the many ways. Amazon Live will spotlight the incredible deals from small businesses set to feature on Prime Day. For some of you this experience is like watching the QVC channel on your computer.  The whole idea is to let customers hear directly from brands and vendors and to learn about their products. This should help you make informed decisions on what to buy. Amazon Live begins on Monday, June 7th.

Will Other Small Businesses Take Part in Prime Day?

Yes. Prime Day this year is about small businesses, including women-owned and local black-owned. Amazon Prime members will support small businesses globally by buying from them. When you buy from a small business on Amazon, you will get impressive discounts. Besides, Amazon will support small businesses selling on the platform even after Prime Day.

Are There Different Methods to Shop On Prime Day?

Yes. Ways for shopping on Prime Day are endless. You can opt to Go In-Store, Shop with Alexa, or use the Amazon app. Any of these methods has a guarantee to offer exciting experiences on the big shopping day. Whatever means you choose, you will get impressive deals, including discounts and credits. You can save with Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card, Amazon Gift Cards, and Prime Wardrobe.

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Are There Better Deals to Expect On Prime Day 2021?

Yes. Predicting the best deals to expect during Amazon Prime Day isn’t that difficult. For instance, it is common for the agency to offer similar sales every year. Fire tablets, Amazon Fire TV edition, and Echo Dots are the products that usually have amazing deals. Like the previous years, you should expect significant price cuts on these Amazon devices. But you can also wait for the event day to confirm.

Is Signing Up at Amazon Enough to Begin Shopping On Prime Day?

No. You have a lot to do to participate on Prime Day. For one, you will have to subscribe for Prime Membership. However, you won’t pay anything as an Amazon Prime Member for the first 30 days. So, when you sign up before June 21st, you will shop without any subscription fees. Even better, when you sign up with Alexa, you receive Amazon $5 credit. Visit for more details.

Should I Prepare Myself Before Prime Day?

Yes. Don’t wait until Prime Day to begin putting things in order; start today. For example, ensure you have an Amazon Prime Membership account beforehand. Also, confirm your account has the finances you will want to use on that day. Set up your account with shipping address, payment method and the like so you can shop in a hurry if needed.  You can also learn the ways to shop on Amazon before Prime Day reaches. Plus, it doesn’t harm to begin price comparisons before the time comes. Visit Amazon for further information.

Will There Be Some Difference in This Year’s Prime Day?

Yes. One of the most significant differences is that Amazon is coming early this year. Secondly, Amazon is offering better deals in discounts and credits. Thirdly, more small businesses will take part on Prime Day than in previous years. Another difference to note is the vast methods available to save on Prime Day. That is true, especially with the spend $10, get $10 credits.

Will All Countries Take Part in Prime Day?

No. Not all countries are eligible for this year’s Prime Day. Canada and India are exempted from these two days of epic deals. Amazon cited the surging cases of Covid-19 in these two countries as a reason for exemption. The agency has postponed the event in the two countries, but Prime Day is open for the rest of the world. And the deals are even better for the United States customers.

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Part in Prime Day

Is It Advisable to Postpone Buying Some Products Until Prime Day?

Yes. It is no secret Amazon Prime Day will feature incredible deals. So, if you are not buying out of urgency, it makes perfect sense to postpone your shopping. Even though the Prime Dayis still days away, the wait will be worth it. This is critical, especially for someone looking to buy Amazon devices. The chances are high that these products will feature huge discounts.

Should I Be Wary of Fake Reviews Before and During Prime Day?

Yes. Unfortunately, recent bad actors have posted fake reviews on Amazon. Despite attempts to curb this practice, it has never been a success. That is why even as Prime Day looms, you should still be wary of these fake reviews. It may be challenging to differentiate what is true and what is false. But consider using reviews from other retailers to improve your decision-making.

Is It Necessary to Price Check On Prime Day?

Yes. Price checking is a great idea when shopping on this day. While Amazon Prime Day is all about discounts, that is never the case for all items. As a client, you should save as much as possible, and you can do so when you know the prices. You can use various platforms like CamelCamelCamel, Shopbrain, and ShopSavvy to check prices. You can also use Amazon Assistant for price tracking.

Will Shipping Be Free On Prime Day?

Yes. One of the benefits of Amazon Prime Membership is access to two-day free shipping. And since Prime Day is all about Prime members, most Prime members get this anyway. In addition, Prime members  get free delivery on their preferred days of the week when they shop on Prime Day. Read here for more information.

Do I Need to Plan to Shop On Prime Day?

Yes. Shopping on Amazon Prime Day may sound straightforward. But that is never the entire case, as it may be challenging at some point. The site has virtually everything you may need to buy. Also, some of those items aren’t worth your time. For this reason, you will need to stick to a plan. Start by making a wish list, and you will realize how easy it gets to shop on this day.

Should US Citizens Expect Better Deals On Amazon Prime Day?

Yes. While Amazon Prime Day is a global event, US citizens are set to reap more. For example, new US Prime members will get a $5 Amazon credit upon signing up. United States clients are also set to get unlimited access to Prime Video movies and TV episodes. They will also get the opportunity to listen to a million ad-free songs with Amazon music. Free games and unlimited photo storage are also available.

Can Students Take Part in Prime Day?

Yes. Students are eligible to be part of Amazon Prime Day. In fact, unlike most other customers, students have access to a cheaper Amazon Prime Membership. Students register at half the price of regular monthly subscription fees. Also, they receive a six-month free trial and other offers on Amazon Video and Amazon Music. If you are a student looking to benefit on this day from discounts on textbooks, register early.

Do I Need to Pay Anything to Take Part in Prime Day?

Yes. Eligible participants on Prime Day should be prime members. Prime membership attracts a monthly subscription fee amounting to $13. Even though signing up as a prime member is free for the first 30 days, you will still need to pay at the end. Even still, you can’t buy anything on Prime Day when you don’t have money. So, in essence, you will pay in one way or the other.

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