Here’s Our Story is the invention of the brother-sister duo Toni Marzetti and Liam Murphy who are avid bloggers and Amazon Prime members.


Toni’s love for finding the best deal is matched only by Liam’s passion for distilling large amounts of information to what matters.

Together they help you get the best from your Amazon Prime membership: be it answers to your questions that are frustratingly difficult to address on, or be it hidden values known only to a few of the 100 Million Prime members.

With an easy-to-understand and no-nonsense style, Liam writes to demystify the many challenges of using the diverse issues readers face when navigating the many service offerings of Amazon Prime.

You’ll love the tips and hidden finds that Toni brings to you in her blog articles, often directly linked to the products or programs on for a quick and easy impulse buy (Don’t we all need that once in a while!).

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Liam brings how-to tips and answers to your questions.

As one of the first subscribers to Amazon Prime back in 2005 (holy cow, time flies!), Liam has tracked the continuing benefits and growth of Amazon Prime.

He has seen it mushroom from a free-shipping program to an all-encompassing membership plan that can be best described as a mashup of free-shipping, Netflix, Costco, and more.

Liam distills his thoughts in a new eBook, The Amazon Prime Insider’s Guide that should be out shortly on

When not poking around, or researching the struggles of customers, Liam can be found puttering around in his basement finishing up his next Fimo action figure creation.

Toni shares the best deals and values for Prime Members.

Toni’s superpower is the ability to sniff out a deal, and sort out the “cheap” from the “good value”.

Through an instinctive understanding of needs and wants, Toni can curate the best deals on for Prime Members.

Her regular blogs – Good-Better-Best™ – brings a curated list down to a manageable choice of three instead of the overwhelming bestseller list.

When she’s not looking to bring you food for thought, Toni indulges her foodie passions. A consummate cook, her ideas have been featured in international cookbooks from Grizzly Publishing.

Toni and her family, and Liam live in the Midwest enjoying a Norman Rockwell lifestyle while they collaborate with their extended network of friends in the big cities on both coasts. Drop them a note to say hi.