3 Best Hulk Movies

3 Best Hulk Movies In Order

The 3 best Hulk Movies belong to Marvel, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Hulk gets his power when he becomes extremely angry. An experiment gives him the ability to transform into a giant green monster whenever he is angry.

The green superhero is popular and has full-length movies, which we will be discussing.

There are two movies in the Hulk film series.


The Hulk Movies In Order

Here are all the Hulk movies in chronological order –

  1. The Hulk (2003)
  2. The Incredible Hulk (2008)

The Hulk (2003)

CBFC Age Rating – U/A

IMDB Rating – 5.6

3 Best Hulk Movies In Order

The story revolves around a scientist named Bruce Banner who gets into an accident exposing himself to gamma radiation. This gamma radiation affects Banner in a strange way, it gives Banner extreme power which he can trigger by getting angry.

The trigger becomes a problem for Bruce when his surroundings are constantly putting him under stress. Also, Bruce’s father is back with some uncanny abilities of absorption.

The Incredible Hulk

CBFC Age Rating – U/A

IMDB Rating -6.6

3 Best Hulk Movies In Order 1

Doctor Bruce Banner has had enough of his power and destruction, he decides to make a cure with the help of Betty, who is his love interest of Bruce. But their plans get interrupted when the government finds Banner and decides to kidnap him. The government starts experiments on their own soldiers with the help of gamma. But unfortunately, the experiment goes sideways making the soldier into a monster.

The monster starts abominating everything that comes his way, hence making Bruce the only one to stop him. This is all about the 3 Best Hulk Movies.

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